SDU Canteens

1.Canteen of Central Campus:

This canteen has 4800 seats and can accommodate up to 5000 people to have meals at the same time. Per capita consumption in the canteen is about RMB 5-20/person/time.There are five layers in the canteen.

The first floor underground and the first floor, the price of food is relatively low.

The second floor includes two parts: the cafeteria and the halal restaurant.

The third floor includes two parts: The staff restaurant and the banquet hall.  And in the banquet hall, you can order.

The fourth floor is a multi-restaurant, providing buffet.And the food is better, while the food price is more expensive.

Time for meals:

 Breakfast 6:30-8:30Lunch 11:30-14:00 Dinner 17:00-18:30

2.Canteen of Hongjialou Campus

Hongjialou Campus has three canteens, including the third canteen (student canteen), the seventh canteen (Dongyuan) and the halal canteen.

a)         The third canteen is relatively large, divided into East and West Hall. You can go to the second floor of to take meals and dining environment is better than the first floor. The second floor of East Hall is the activity center of students. Because of the wide range of food, the third canteen wins the favor of most students. East Hall also has many windows, including fruit and all kinds of hot and cold drinks.

b)        The seventh canteen has two floors. The second floor is the staff restaurant, taste of the food is the best and the price is the most expensive. The second floor has a la carte area and it can meet your requirements whether you feast your friends or you want to improve your lives. But the speed of cooking will be slower,which is suitable for weekend to eat. The seventh canteen also offers three yuan or four yuan package and you  match any food, balanced nutrition and delicious and cheap.

c)         The halal canteen is set up for Muslim students, providing a variety of halal dishes, including ramen noodles and fried noodles which are the most popular and taste good.

3.Canteen of Baotuquan Campus

Xiongyuan canteen is the main place for students to take meals.

Time for meals:

Morning 640——830, Noon 10 40——1230, Afternoon 1640——1830

Xiongyuan canteen has many types of food to meet the daily needs of students.Noodles and over rice of the halal restaurant on the second floor are the most popular. The third floor has a zero area and cafeteria and students can order or choose to self-service. But the zero area serve slower and the price is more expensive.

4.How to use?

Restaurant staff will punch card machine to enter the appropriate amount and brush the campus card. If the "drop" is heard, it shows that the corresponding amount has been deducted. If you forget to bring the campus card, it does not matter. You can use cash to buy meal coupons in the first floor counter (if you want to have dinnerin the multi-restaurant, you can buy meal coupons on the fourth floor counter) and you can consume using meal coupons.

If campus card balance is insufficient, you can go to the campus card service hall and use cash recharge machine to recharge. If you already have associated with the bank card, you can directly transfer.