Campus Card

The campus card of Shandong University is issued by Shandong University and it can be used on Shandong University campus. It functions as canteen consumption, water control in the bathroom, shopping in the supermarket, play the computers in the computer room, borrowing books from the library, seeing a doctor in the school hospital, taking the bus on campus, physical fitness test, recharging mobile phones, paying  the Internet access, self-service paying party membership dues, having dinner in the classroom, banking self-help, consuming in the activity center of students, laboratory access control, subsidies of free boiled water and financial reimbursement, etc.. Besides, with the progress of the project, the campus card will gradually expand other functions, such as electricity control in the dormitory, open laboratory management, etc..

 Campus card is non-contact IC card, in which contains the antenna and integrated circuits, so it can not be beaten, bent and punched, etc.; don’t place the card near high temperatures or strong magnetic fields; after the campus card is published within 30 days, if it can not be read rather than non-human reasons, it can be exchanged freely; you need to pay fees to apply for a new card because of other reasons; the campus card is limited to the cardholder to use and it can not be lent to others, otherwise, you will be dealt with according to relevant regulations; anyone who forges or embezzles another person's campus card will be traced the relevant legal liabilities of the party.

If you forget your password, please bring your ID card and campus card to modify the new password on the self-service transfer machine. If you do not have ID card, please bring your valid ID card and campus card to the service shop in each campus to manually transact.

If the campus card is lost or damaged, please go to the self-service making up card machine in each campus to make up the card. If you have questions, you can go to the campus card service point in the campus to consult. You need to go to the service point to manually made up Temporary cards.

For more information on campus cards, please click on the campus card website