Shopping and Supermarkets

Jinan, the spring city, is a bustling and beautiful metropolis. There are a variety of large and small supermarkets to facilitate everyone's life and shopping Inside and outside SDU, such as RT-Mart, Ginza, Hualian and other supermarkets, in which there are many fresh fruits, vegetables, daily necessities and other good quality and brands for you to choose.

Central Campus:

1.Education Supermarket (Lide Road): next to the football field at the north gate. The supermarket on campus is convenient for students to buy things. 


2.Student Living Supermarket: located in the B1 floor of the canteen, having many different kinds of goods and provide convenience for living. 


 3.International Student Apartment Supermarket: located in the apartment, you can buy things within the apartment, which is convenient and can save your time. 


4. Unified Ginza (ShanDa Road Shop): located in the south gate of the school about 200 meters westward. You can walk there. Business hours: 0:00-24:00


5.Hualian Supermarket (ShanDa Road Shop): go out of the school gate and walk to the west crossroad, walk 1 km south along the mountain road. The distance is short, so you can go there on foot, about 17 minutes. Business hours: 8:00a.m.-22:00p.m. 


6. RT-Mart (Huanyuan Road Shop): go out of the north school gate and walk about 300 meters eastward, if you arrive at the crossroad, you should go northward to Huanyuan Road along Hongjialou West Road. You can take bus No.1,K1, K48, K55 AND K107 and get off Huanyuan Road Hongjialou West Road Station. After you get off, you can walk about 232 meters. Business time: 8:00a.m.-21:00p.m.


Baotuquan Campus:

1.Ginza (Yuhan Shop): go out of the south No.1 gate of Baotuquan Campus of SDU and walk about 143 meters westward along Jingshi Road, climb the bridge over the street after walking 50 meters, turn left and walk along Jingshi Road after walking 145 meters, you can get there after walking about 169 meters. Add up to 6 minutes, you can go there on foot. Business time: 9:00a.m.-22:00p.m. 


2.RT-Mart (Lixia Shop): take bus No.110, K110, 48, K48, 2, and K2 from Jingshi Road and Shungeng Road Station to Lishan Road Wenhua East Road Station, then go there on foot about 164 meters.


 3.Huanlian Supermarket (Shungeng Road Shop): take bus No.43, K43, 28, K28, 110 and K110 from the north gate of Quancheng Park to conference and exhibition center, then walk about 239 meters.