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Message from SDU

Dear SDU Alumni:

Shandong University takes the opportunity to inform you of all the exciting new developments that have taken place at the university since our last newsletter.

This fall academic year 2016, welcomes the start of the school developmental innovative journey geared towards undertaking trendy, top of the line and up-to-date program’s to facilitate the growing numbers of bright, intelligent and talented international students admitted to its academic program this year from diverse countries from all walks of life.  

Without a doubt, SDU is thrilled to inform that the school now has a total of over 10,000 students enrolled in non-degree, and degree programs in categories of language, bachelor, masters, Ph.D. and professional scholars pursuing majors in different fields in either Chinese or English language taught courses.  This year, SDU saw the need to undergo a rapid transformation to facilitate the vast amount of applications received from numerous applicants across the globe wanting to attend this prestigious and fine university. This saw an increase in SDU enrollment; with presently a total of over 1,000 new international students, much more students enrolled than in previous years. 

Importantly, in SDU’s strategic vision and drive to build and facilitate the best teaching and learning environment; we have improved our classrooms to reflect an advance technological approach, by recruiting and training the best and most experienced professional academic staff to lecture and deliver teaching styles “unbounded by barriers”, equipped to educate the “new and fresh budding minds”, that, as we know does not “think within the box”. 

Additionally, on the university’s path to further transformation to become a preeminent world class intellectual center, on par with other top international universities worldwide; the school is in the process of reforming and driving numerous innovative schemes with its target and objective geared towards more openness in order to strengthen the school’s international competitiveness.

SDU unapologetically do boast of its new campus in Qingdao, which held its inauguration and opening ceremony on September 24th. International students from different faculties/departments were able to witness and participate in this groundbreaking history of the university’s development towards further expansion.

On October 15th, SDU will celebrate its 115th birthday as one of China’s most prestigious and famous university locally. The school cordially takes the opportunity to invite you our loyal and devoted alumni to attend a special function to be held to honor and usher in Shandong University’s 115th anniversary. 

As usual, your candid and insightful comments and participation are always welcomed in transforming and building SDU strategic vision. You are the foundation and the future of SDU and an example of what our current students should strive to become.

We look forward in seeing you and please stay in touch.

International Student Office

Department of International Affairs