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How to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship-University Postgraduate Program (CGS-UPP)?

Please refer to Application for 2016 "Chinese Government Scholarship-University Postgraduate Program"( for information about programs and application procedures.

What’s the application period of CGS-UPP?

Between January to March. The application only opens once a year.

After I have got the CSC scholarship, can I start my Postgraduate program study in the spring semester?

No. The Postgraduate program only starts at the beginning of September. Please refer to the Admission Notice for the exact date. If you can not register at the university on time due to personal reasons, the scholarship would be cancelled.

On which website can I apply for CGS-UPP? What application documents do I need?

Please submit the application information on CHINA SCHOLARSHIP COUNCIL APPLICATION ONLINE (, print out the application form and prepare the application documents accordingly.

Is there anything that needs my attention when filling up the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship?

Please fill up “Agency Name” with “Shandong University” and choose the degree you want to get in the item of “Apply for” rather than the degree that you already gained.

Is there application fee for CGS-UPP?


I have applied for CCGS-UPP through SDU, can I also apply for scholarships through Chinese embassy or consulate in my country?


I have got the CSC scholarship from other university rather than SDU, can I transfer from the university to SDU?

No. SDU do not accept transfer students.

Where should I send the application documents for CGS-UPP Program?

Address: C301, Mingde Building, Shandong University, 27 Shanda Nanlu, Jinan, P. R. China  Post code: 250100 Tel: +86-(0)531-88364854

Do I need acceptance letter or pre-admission notice issued by SDU to apply for CGS-UPP program?