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When can I apply for on-campus accommodation?

For the spring semester: from November 15th to January 15th. For the autumn semester: from June 1st to July 1st.

How to apply for on-campus accommodation?

1)If you are a CSC student, you don’t need to apply. 2)The self-funded degree student can apply the accommodation yourself. After you get admitted, please log in to apply. To maximize the use of room, in one week after you get admitted from accommodation, you should pay 100 USD as deposit to get your room remained. Due to a serious shortage of dormitory, we cannot provide dormitory for all the MBBS students, so please get ready to live off-campus, and we will provide necessary help 3)The self-funded language student cannot apply room yourself. Before you apply, please consult the admission office of CIE (College of International Education), SDU.

What do I need to bring with myself for the accommodation?

Admission Letter and passport.

Is it possible if my families want to live with me in the dormitory?


Is internet available in the dormitory??

The internet is available in the dormitory. The student should pay for the internet and the money cannot refund. Please see the price below: Central campus: Single room: 120 RMB/person/semester Double room: 60 RMB/person/semester Baotuquan campus: 200 RMB/person/semester

If I get to university early, can I get my accommodation?


After checking in, can I check out and live outside of the campus?

Yes. The CSC student must get approved before checking out. The self-funded student should apply 7 days in advance and pay all the expense.

Is it easy to rent a house around the university? And how much it will cost?

It’s easy to rent a house outside, but the room condition is different. The single room of economic hotel cost around 1200-1800RMB/month, cannot cook. The apartment cost around 2000-3500 RMB/month with 2-3 person, and you can cook there. We can help if it’s necessary.