Ph.D Programs

Doctoral Programs in English Medium

School of Materials Science and EngineeringMaterials   Science and EngineeringDoctor
School of Mechanical EngineeringMechanical   EngineeringDoctor
School of Materials Science and   EngineeringMicrobiologyDoctor
School of MathematicsFinancial   MathematicsDoctor

Pure   and Applied Mathematics Doctor
School of Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringChemistryDoctor
School of PhysicsCondensed   Matter PhysicsDoctor
School of Political Science and Public AdministrationInternational   PoliticsDoctor
School of EconomicsFinanceDoctor
International Trade Doctor
The Center for Economic ResearchPolitical   EconomicsDoctor
Regional EconomicsDoctor
Western EconomicsDoctor
World EconomyDoctor
Population, Resources and Environmental   EconomicsDoctor
Law and EconomicsDoctor
 Economics of LanguageDoctor
Industrial EconomicsDoctor
Quantitative EconomicsDoctor
School of Pharmaceutical SciencesMedicinal   Chemistry Doctor
Microbiology and Biochemical PharmacyDoctor
School of Foreign Languages and   LiteratureEnglish   Language and LiteratureDoctor
Linguistics and Applied LinguisticsDoctor
School of Medicine(School of Medicine does not provide professional degree   programs for international students.)Internal   MedicineDoctor
Gynecology and ObstetricsDoctor
School of Electrical EngineeringElectrical   EngineeringDoctor
School of Environmental Science and EngineeringEnvironmental   Science and EngineeringDoctor
School of Information Science and   EngineeringOptical   EngineeringDoctor
Electronic Science and TechnologyDoctor
Information and Communication Engineering Doctor
School of Law Lawnot enroll students in 2017Doctor

Doctoral Programs in Chinese Medium

1School of EconomicsInternational Trade4 yearsPh.D. of  Economics
2School of LawInternational Law4 yearsPh.D. of Laws
3School of Political Science and Public AdministrationInternational Politics4 yearsPh.D. of Laws
Administrative Management4 yearsPh.D. of Management
4School of Literature and JournalismChinese Philology4 yearsPh.D. of Arts
5College of International EducationTeaching Chinese to Foreigners as a Second Language

6School of Foreign Languages and Literature
4 yearsPh.D. of Arts
Japanese Language and Literature
Russian Language and Literature
Asian-African Language and Literature -
Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
7School of History and CultureArchaeology4 yearsPh.D. of History
Chinese History
World History
8School of Control Science and EngineeringControl Science and Control Engineering4 yearsPh.D. of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
9School of Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering4 yearsPh.D. of Engineering
10School of Computer Science and TechnologyComputer Science and Technology4 yearsPh.D. of Engineering
11School of Physical Educationsports management science4 yearsPh.D. of Management
12School of Public HealthEpidemiology and Health Statistics4 yearsPh.D. of Medicine
Hygiene Toxicology
Health Laboratory Science
Social Medicine and Health Management4 yearsPh.D. of Management
Occupational and Environmental Health
13School of DentistryBasic Dental Medicine4 yearsPh.D. of Medicine
Dental Clinical Medicine