“Sister Cities of Jinan” Scholarship (referred to as “the scholarship hereafter) is set up by the Jinan Municipal Government in order to encourage international students from sister cities of Jinan (including cities that have built up international friendly relations with Jinan, referred to as “sister cities” hereafter) to come to Jinan for study and scientific research.

1. Application Eligibility

1) Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens from sister cities of Jinan. Applicants must be in good health and be friendly toChina.

2) Applicants must abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government, behave well and meet the entrance requirements of Shandong University.  

3) Applicants must have a good attitude towards study. Applicants must not have any record for disobeying regulations of the university.

4) Only applicants that have not received other sorts of fund or scholarship could apply for the scholarship.

2. Standard of the Scholarship

The scholarship, mainly used as fund for tuition fees, includes Full Scholarship and Distinguished International Students Scholarship. Full Scholarship is awarded to full-time international students (including international students studying for a doctor’s degree, a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree) and students of long-term non-degree programs whose programs (including language programs and professional programs) are not shorter than one academic year. Distinguished International Students Scholarship is awarded to international students participating in language programs or professional programs shorter than an academic year and short-term exchange students. One student could only be awarded with one scholarship.


Admission Category


Full Scholarship

Degree   students

Not more than 25,000 yuan per person per academic year for   not longer than the duration of program stipulated by the university. If the   program lasts less than an academic year, the sum should be calculated   according to the actual duration of it.

Long-term non-degree   students

Not more than 20,000 yuan per person per academic year for   not longer than two academic years. If the program lasts less than an academic   year, the sum should be calculated according to the actual duration of it.

Distinguished International   Students Scholarship

Non-degree   students whose programs are not shorter than three months

Not more than   1,000 yuan per person per month and   not more than 5,000 yuan per person   in total. It is an one-time scholarshiponce awarded, the students  could not apply for it again within three   years . 

Non-degree   students in language programs that last for less than three months; exchange   students

The standard   will be made by Foreign Affairs Office of Jinan People’s Government according   to the situation. It is an one-time scholarshiponce awarded, the students could not apply for it again   within three years.

3. Application Time:

The scholarship is available for application twice a year. The first period is from February to May (The scholarship will be allocated in October), and the second period is from September to November (The scholarship will be allocated in March).

4. Application method

Please look up to the attachments for requirement of the application documents and send the scanned copy via email to apply@sdu.edu.cn. All applicants shall mail the original copy of all application documents to SDU International Student Admissions Office (AddressC301 Mingde Building, Central Campus of Shandong University, No.27 South Shanda Road, Jinan, China).

None of the application documents will be sent back to applicants. Students that have already received the scholarship once could only submit the materials through a simplified procedure when applying for a second time. None of the application documents will be sent back to applicants.

5. Evaluation

In January and June each year, the list of scholarship winners will be publicized. Then, the qualification of students who are awarded will be re-verified.

6. Allocation of Scholarship

The scholarship will be allocated to students all at once before March 30 and October 30 by the university.

7. Remarks 

If the student awarded is unable to register within the specified time ruled by the university owing to health problems or other personal reasons, the qualification for scholarship will be canceled. Any scholarship winner providing fake application materials must return the scholarship if verified.

8. Full Scholarship will be used as scholarship winners’ registration fee, tuition fee, experiment fee, internship fee, accommodation costs, payments for insurance and learning materials and part of the living expenses under the administration of the university. Distinguished International Students Scholarship, given to students by the university, will be at the students’ own disposal.

9. Contact Us

International Student Admissions Office, Department of International Affairs, Shandong University

Contact address: C301, Mingde Building, 27 Shanda Nanlu, Jinan, P.R.China

Email address: apply@sdu.edu.cn  

10.Sister Cities of Jinan



Date When Friendly Relations was Built



Wakayama(capital of WakayamaCounty)





Coventry (the hometown of car industry of the UK,   one of the centers of manufacturing industry of the country)





Yamaguchi   (capital of YamaguchiPrefecture)





Sacramento (capital of California)





Regina (capital of Saskatchewan)





 Port    Moresby(capital of Papua New Guinea)

Papua New Guinea



 Suwon(capital of GyeonggiProvince)





 Nizhny    Novgorod(capital of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast)





Vantaa (airport city of Europe and the 4th   largest city ofFinland)





 Rennes(capital of Bretagne)





 Joondalup(an emerging center of science and technology and education of West Australia)





 Augsburg(capital   of Schwaben)





 Kharkov(capital   of Kharkiv Oblast)





Kfar Saba(the central city of Sharon)





 Vitebsk (capital of Vitebsk Region)




Praia   (capital of Cape Verde)

Cape Verde



 Portovelho(capital of Rondônia)





Marmaris(harbor    of Mediterranean;   destination of tourism)





Sidoarjo   (an emerging economic city and the airport city of Surabaya,   East Java)





Kanzanlak   (the center of rose essential oil manufacturing industry)




Zapopan (the economic capital of Jalisco)




Civitavecchia   (the 3rd largest passenger port of Europe)



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