Shandong University Distinguished Self-paying International Student Scholarship


  Shandong University Distinguished Self-paying International Student Scholarship (referred to as “the scholarship” hereafter) is set up by SDU in order to promote the internalization of SDU, cultivate international students with high qualities, expand the international education of SDU in an all-round way and award the distinguished self-paying international students.


1. Recipient

Official registered self-paying degree students who excel in study and are friendly to China.

2. Standard of the Scholarship

The scholarship sets three levels of prizes, including first, second and third prize.

1) First prize: 3,000 – 5,000yuan per person (recipient number is 1% of the total candidate number);

2) Second prize: 2,000 – 3,000yuan per person, (recipient number is 2% of the total candidate number);

3) Third prize: 1,000 – 2,000yuan per person, (recipient number is 3% of the total candidate number).

3. Application Eligibility

1) Applicants must have studied in SDU for at least 1 year;

2) Applicants must be excellent both in conduct and learning without any flunks in exams;

3) Applicants must abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government as well as the regulations of SDU;

4) Applicants must pay full tuition fees without delay;

5) Priority will be given to those who have contributed to intercultural communication.

4. Application Time

From February to May each year.

5. Application Documents

Please complete the application form and submit the following documents:

1) Shandong University Distinguished Self-paying International Student Scholarship Application Form;

2) A personal statement;

3) Transcript;

4) A recommendation letter from your school teacher;

5) Related materials of your practical activities;

6) Copies of your honor certificates.

6. Evaluation

In September each year, the list of the scholarship winners will be publicized by the Department of International Affairs.

7. Allocation of Scholarship

The scholarship will be allocated to students all at once before November 30th by the university.

8. Contact Us

Department of International Affairs

AddressC302 Mingde Building, Central Campus of Shandong University, No.27 Shanda South Road, Jinan, China

E-mail: mfw