Application for “China Development Bank” Distinguished International Student Scholarship


 “China Development Bank” Distinguished International Student Scholarship (referred to as “the scholarship” hereafter) is set up by China Development Bank (referred to as “CDB” hereafter) in order to encourage and fund international students from developing countries who now study in China as well as to promote the intercultural communication and the friendly relationship between China and other countries. 

1.Principle of Selection

The selection follows the principle of openness, fairness and justice with a process of “individual application, university recommendation, fund committee selection and CDB determination”.

2. Standard of the Scholarship

The selection is held once per year. No more than 10 students are recommended by each university every time. Each scholarship winner is awarded 10,000 RMB each time.

3.Application Eligibility

1) Applicants must be international students from developing countries. Applicants must have formally registered as a scholar or master in SDU.

2) Applicants must have studied in China as a scholar for at least 3 years or a master for 1 year.

3) Applicants must major in economics, management or finance.

4) Applicants must be excellent both in conduct and learning. Priority will be given to those who have made innovative achievements in their majors or who have contributed to intercultural communication.

5) Applicants must pass HSK level 6 or score over 180 in HSK level 5. Otherwise the Chinese level of applicants must be determined by the university to reach the equivalent level.

6) Applicants must be in good mental health and at the age of 35 or below.

Remarks: The clauses are of no exclusiveness.

4.Application Documents

Please complete the application form and submit the following documents (in Chinese, in triplicate):

1)“China Development Bank” Distinguished International Student Scholarship Application Form (You can find it at or in the attachment files);

2) A personal statement;

3) Transcript (can be had from the Dean’s Office and should be stamped and sealed by the office);

4) A recommendation letter from your school teacher;

5) Related materials of your academic achievements, published thesis and other publications, including the cover and contents of the journal on which your thesis published and the copies of your thesis and other publications;

6) Related materials of your practical activities;

7) Copies of your honor certificates.

Remarks: Your application documents will not be handled if not completed. Your documents will also not be returned.

5. Application Period:

1) Before 22nd, November: Applicants shall submit the application documents to SDU International Student Admissions Office;

2) 22nd, November to 27th, November: International Student Admissions Office will audit and determine the recommended list and send the list to China Scholarship Council;

3) At the end of November: The list of the scholarship winners will be determined after the evaluation of the CSC and the identification of the CDB.

Remarks: The CSC and CDB will organize communication activities for the scholarship winner.

6. Contact Us

Department of International Affairs

AddressC302 Mingde Building, Central Campus of Shandong University, No.27 Shanda South Road, Jinan, China