Campus Network

How to register your network account and the charge


        (1) How to register your network account

        Time: Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 18:00-21:30, except summer and winter vacations.

        Place: Student Dormitory Building No.9, room 101.

        You shoule take your ID Card in China (or your passport), and your campus card (the card which you use to spend money in the campuses) with you.

        Consult with the students that are on duty at the service window for detailed procedure.

        (2) How to charge your network account

        Price: You need to pay 10 Yuan for your network account every month if the account is active.

        The username is your Campus Card number, and the default password should be the same, which should be 6 digits in length, or you can set your own password upon registration.


        Visit our website ( and click the Charge Account (in Chinese).


        --or you can directly visit

        Click the button on the right (or the bottom one if you are using a mobile phone)

How to install the iNode Intelligent Client

              Content related to this section is included in the attachment below.
          How to install the iNode Intelligent Client.pdf