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About On-Campus Accommodation

Welcome to the International students’ apartment of Shandong University! For happily and safety life here, please read the Regulations & Further Particulars on International Students’ Accommodation of Shandong University, and the following information carefully.

When checking in, please check the facilities in the room according to the list of items. If there is any problem, please contact  the reception desk.

Each international student is provided with one set of bedding upon arrival, and he/she needs to bring other daily necessities when checking in. Each international student is responsible for changing bedding and the cleaning of his\her room.

The new student should pay 600 RMB as a deposit. When checking out, if everything in the room is in good condition and the room is clean, the deposit will be given back. If something is damaged or the room is left dirty,especially sticky hooks and the wall is not clean and tidy,the deposit will be deducted according to the damage.

The application for checking out should be submitted 3 days in advance. The student can leave only after his/her room being checked. If the student doesn’t apply to check out in advance, he/she may not be refunded the deposit and dorm fees because of holidays. After applying for checking out the student should supply the reception desk with the “check out notice form” (red) and discuss a suitable time for his\her room`s check .

The self-supported student should pay the rent for at least one semester (5 months) in advance. Please pay the rent on time, otherwise, the University has the right to disqualify the student from accommodation in the apartment.
If the student complies with the Regulations on International Students’ Accommodation, he/she can have 30 units free electricity per month. If the student needs more, he/she can buy from the reception, 0.85 RMB per unit.

The student should swipe his\her Card when going in and out of the International students’ dormitory. The student should pay 100 RMB for Campus Card (20 RMB for the card and 80 RMB in the card) when register for the new semester, at the Management Office. Before getting a formal Campus Card, the student can swipe a temporary Dormitory Entry Card which he/she will get when checking in. The student can get the formal Student Card at Reception desk after 3 days from registration, and he/she should return the Dormitory Entry Card card. If the student lose the temporary card, he/she should pay 50 RMB.

Wired and wireless internet service is provided in the room, 40 RMB/person/month. The Internet fee for one semester(five months) should be paid in advance.

Please pay attention to the fire risk and electricity safety.  Avoid smoking on the bed, or naked fire in the room. The student must not use or keep in the room any high-power electric items. Students who wish to use any high-power electric items of 500 Watt and above should get a permit from the management office. Otherwise, the high-power electric items will be moved out once found.

Please keep quiet in the dormitory rooms and public areas - noises and loud music are not allowed in the dormitory. Students who will not follow these instructions will be cut of from free electricity for one moth for every time they violate these instructions.

Please protect yourself and take care of your belongings. Lock the door and windows, turn off the water tap and all the electrical alliances when you leave your room.

The student should consciously take care of the facilities in public areas and in the room. Use the facilities properly according to the specification. If there is any problem with the items, please report to the gatekeeper on the first floor.
Every student will get a book of Regulations & Further Particulars on International Students’ Accommodation when checking in, please read it carefully and comply with it.

The supply time of hot water for shower:
5:30-8:00  11:30-14:00 17:30-24:00

Emergency calls: Fire: 119, Ambulance: 120, Police: 110.