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Concrete Steps for Online Course Selection for Undergraduates

1. Enter the homepage of SDU(,click the undergraduate education.

2. And you’ll enter the webpage of Office of Academic Affairs.  Click the “student online inquiry”, and you’ll enter the interface and get ready to shop for courses.



关于20 xx -20 xx学年第1学期第二周本科生选课事宜的通知

3 .Make your studying plan and go into the courses-choosing system after downloading your syllabus.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 6.23.44 PM.png

4. look up and sift sift:1.开课学院 Department  2.上课班级 Class  3.上课年级 Grade

    The button to sift the department                23(2-- 星期二)(2 means Tuesday)

The button to sift the department        (3--第三节课)(3 means the Third Class)

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 6.24.22 PM.png

5. Type your student number and password that you have received from your email(or you can try initial password 123456), click Done and then you’ll log in.

If the system shows that the information can’t match with your real identities, please contact Miss. Ma as soon as possible, Tel: 88369696. Please keep your password in mind in case of causing problems when you take class. If you have forgotten, go to Mingde Building, room 302 and inquire Miss. Ma.

6. Courses Selection: After logging in, click the Selected Courses and then select your courses. You can find your courses number and serial number in your class schedule that you have downloaded.

Step 1: Type in your courses number in “other courses number”;

Step 2: Type in the serial number in “serial number”;

Step 3: Click the Submit button and you’ll see the causes that you’ve chosen. Repeat the same steps to select other courses.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 6.25.17 PM.png

Please look up the courses number and serial number in the attachment of your download class schedule: compulsory courses, Distributional Electives, General core courses.

Click the “Reset” to cancel the course that you have just selected. If you want to delete the courses that you’ve submitted, open the dialog box that asks about if you want to delete this subject, put a tick“√”by it and then submit.  When you have finished choosing your courses, click the Schedule on the left side of the interface, and look up the time and classroom number of every course you are going to take.

Please pay attention to important website:

The website of Department of International Affairs:

From this website, following the next steps, you can also find some useful information.

International students——Management of International Students ——Degree of International Students

Department of International Affairs

International Students Office

Room 302, Mingde Building

Tel: 88365696