Why Choose Shandong University?

  For the education of international students, SDU adheres to the education idea of cultivating high-quality talents that are excellent in majors, sound in personalities, brave to assume responsibilities, law-abiding and friendly to China. Our education idea is based on the need of international students and is beneficial to their future.

The advantages of SDU are as follow:

1. Regional Advantage

  Shandong University is located in Shandong Province, the most developed eastern coastal economic belt of China. Shandong Province is situated between Beijing and Shanghai and it only takes 90 minutes to drive from Jinan to Beijing. The GDP of Shandong Province ranks third in the nation.

  As the birthplace of Confucius, founder of Confucianism, Shandong Province is also one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture and is abundant in cultural resources.

  The campuses of SDU are all located in big cities with low living cost while these cities are prosperous and livable.

2. University Advantage

1) Size of SDU: 8 campuses, located in 3 cities, covering over 5 square kilometers (including 2 square kilometers of Qingdao Campus)

2) Faculty of SDU:10,200 faculty (including faculty of Weihai Campus and 3 affiliated hospitals), 1,107 professors, 907 doctoral supervisors, 8 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering, 43 double employed academicians, 9 nationally outstanding teachers, 22 Distinguished Professors of the Thousand Talents Program, and over 70 foreign teachers

3) Enrollment Size: over 60,000 full-time students, over 3,000 international students

4) Disciplines:13 major disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, military science, management and arts;15 subjects ranking 1% in the globe (according to 2016 ESI)

5) International Cooperation: cooperation with 156 overseas universities in over 20 countries, construction of 8 Confucius Institute and 1 Confucius Classroom overseas

3. Course Advantage

  Plenty of courses and activities are provided, including professional knowledge learning, professional practices, Chinese culture and general situation, “China Opportunity” cutting-edge lecture, investigation on society and culture, Chinese learning, moral cultivation, mental health learning, Chinese laws, knowledge of traffic and fire safety, club and volunteer activities, “Study Partner” program, sports activities, intercultural communication and so on.

4. Characteristic Advantage

  The international education of SDU features its education scheme of “Enjoy Chinese Culture and Share Chinese Opportunities”. SDU gives full expression to its traditional advantage on literature and history and makes the most of its regional advantage on economy, thus provides the international students with characteristic courses that are related to Chinese culture and opportunities and are keeping pace with the times. SDU aims to cultivate high-quality talents that are knowledgeable about China with global prospective and competitiveness.


SDU promises you a happy life and prosperous study. Everyone studying here will find their direction towards a bright future. This is SDU.