About us

The International Student Office is the management focal point of the international students of Shandong University, which is responsible for the enrollment and affairs of international students and assists  the relevant departments of the school in carrying out the training work according to the relevant provisions of the national students training.

1. admissions for the international students

  • Collect the student enrollment plan of every teaching unit of the whole school  and examine all types of the enrollment projects of the international students.

  • Develop new programs of the international student enrollment.

  • Publish the application information of the international students.

  • Expand the number of the international student enrollment.

  • Declare the international student programs of Chinese Government Scholarship and transact the admission procedures.

  • Engaged in admissions work of different kinds of international students.


Email:  admission@sdu.edu.cn

2.  affairs work for the international students

  • Hold entrance education for the new international students.

  • Transact  residence permit and visa procedures.

  • Examine and approve the procedures of Off - campus accommodation.

  • Manage the international student organizations, and approve and organize the recreational and sports activities.

  • Do affairs about Chinese Government Scholarships (Monthly confirmation and issuance, annual review, information changes, data aggregation and so on).

  • Assess and distribute scholarships for the enrolled international students.

  • Charge the medical insurance of the international students and issue claim proof.

  • Make statistics and report the various types of data of the international students.

  • Dispose and make deregulation treatment the Unexpected Incidents of the international students.

  • Make psychological counseling and guidance for  the international students.

  • Contact the international student alumni.

  • Establish, record and keep the international students' archives.

TEL:+86-531-88365879; 88366165

Email:  studentaffairs@sdu.edu.cn

3.  education work for the  international students

  • Manage the international student registration, graduation leaving school and degree certification.

  • Assist the relevant departments to educate and teach the international students.

  • Issue various certificates including status changes of the degree international students.

  • Organize and arrange the public compulsory courses for the degree international students, including Introduction to China and Chinese.

  • Establish Chinese language tutorial courses for non-language international students.

  • Develop and implement the characteristic training programs for the international Students of Shandong University.

  • Manage and maintenance the electronic systems of the international students’ status and degree and make statistics for them.


Email:  academic@sdu.edu.cn