About Shandong University

Shandong University was established in 1901 and its medical school dates back to the year 1864 which was the beginning of modern Chinese higher education. Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine currently has 4 affiliated hospitals and 13 teaching hospitals. The Clinical Medical Program is one of the first programs to be labelled “remarkable” by the Ministry of Education of China. Currently there are 252 professors, 101 associate professors and 4400 students in this program. Among the student body there are: 2500 undergraduates, 1600 postgraduates and over 300 international students. The medical experimental teaching center of the college is a national medical basic experimental teaching demonstration center. There are two national teaching teams: “Human Anatomy and Histology and Embryology” and “Basic Medical Experimental Course”. The 4 courses of: Systematic Anatomy, Human Parasitology, Physiology and Pharmacology are recognized by the Ministry of Education as “The Brand Courses Taught in English for International Students”. We closely cooperate with other medical universities and institutes through student exchanges and scientific research including: Toronto University, University of Nebraska Medical Centre, Karolinska Institute and Kumamoto University.


About the program:

Starting in 2002, Shandong University is one of the first universities to admit international students to the MBBS program (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) in clinical medicine. SDU was authorized by the Ministry of Education as a demonstration base for international students in 2013. Currently, 267 international students study here with 34 different nationalities from all around the world including Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia, etc. The six-year medical degree will provide students with basic knowledge, skills and professionalism needed for medical practice. The compulsory courses are divided into general education, pre-medical courses, basic medical sciences and clinical medical sciences. Apart from the theoretical part, students will gain practical experience during a 48-week clinical rotation in the teaching hospitals. On completion of all the required courses and credits, they will obtain a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree.


The program intends to foster competent physicians with a broad medical knowledge in the fields of medical science, clinical medicine and preventative medicine. The program is taught and assessed in English and makes use of different methods like formal lectures, small group discussions, laboratory experiments and problem-based learning (PBL). We also invite prominent foreign professors from other medical universities as guest lecturers. We aim to insure MBBS students are exposed to clinical medicine as early as possible, starting from the second year with a series of clinical courses and clinical rotations to enable the students to think and act as an early medical practitioner. Shandong University offers a friendly study and living environment for international students including comfortable on-campus accommodation.


The fundamental courses include the following:

Cell   Biology

Behavioral   Science

Gynecology   and Obstetrics

Human   Anatomy

Human   Genetics


Histology   and Embryology


Traditional   Chinese Medicine

Human   Physiology


Nuclear   Medicine



Medical   Imagology

Molecular   Biology

Preventive   Medicine

Infectious   Diseases




Human   Parasitology

Operative   Surgery

Medical   Ethics

Medical   Immunology

Internal   Medicine


Medical   Microbiology

Surgery   Medicine



Duration of the program:

The duration of the MBBS program is six years. Students must complete the program within a maximum of 8 years.


Who is eligible to apply?

1.     Age: Over 18 but under 35.

2.     Be in good health. People with infectious diseases (Hepatitis B, HIV, Tuberculosis, etc.), chronic disease or other diseases which may affect the study process can apply only after they have recovered. People with mental disorders or psychological illness are not eligible to apply.

3.     English language requirements.

- Applicants who are from native English speaking countries (USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc.) don’t need to take an English language proficiency test.

- Applicants whose native language is not English, but their medium of instruction has been English in high school, need to provide an official certificate and don’t need to take an English language test.

- Applicants who don’t meet the exemptions above must provide TOEFL (80 points or above), IELTS (6.0 or above) score or other equivalent English test results.

4. Applicants should have a high school diploma or above, with good academic scores in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.


How to Graduate?

Credit Requirements

Students must get a minimum of 139 credits including 8 credits of electives. In addition, students need to pass all the Chinese Language courses, Medical Chinese, Introduction to China course, as well as pass HSK 4. Students need to then fulfill a 48-week clinical rotation and pass the graduation exam to graduate.



SDU offers different kinds of scholarship to enrolled international students.

1.   CSC Scholarship for Outstanding International Students

This scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Education of China in order to be consistent with the spirit of the National Educational Conference. Through this scholarship program students will get to know more about China, and China will get to know more about the world. In this manner the talents of the future will be cultivated in China.

Funded by: The Chinese Government

Scholarship type: Once off grant of 18,000 RMB

Application time: June of each year

2.   Shandong University Scholarship for Outstanding Self-financed International Students

This scholarship is funded by SDU in order to create extremely competent international students, to further increase the quality of the international education at SDU, and award the outstanding self-financed international students.

Funded by: Shandong University

Scholarship type: Once off grant

1) First prize: 3,000 – 5,000 RMB per person

2) Second prize: 2,000 – 3,000 RMB per person

3) Third prize: 1,000 – 2,000 RMB per person

Application time: Before the 1st of November of each year

3.   SDU Freshman Scholarship for International Students

Funded by: Shandong University

Scholarship type: Once off grant of 4,500 RMB

Application time: Before the 1st of November of each year

4.   The School of Basic Medical Sciences Scholarship

Funded by: School of Basic Medical Sciences

Scholarship type: Once off grant

1) First prize: 3,000 RMB

2) Second prize: 2,000 RMB

3) Third prize: 1,000 RMB

Application time: The school will award this scholarship to the students based on their grades.


Tuition and Fees

RMB for each Academic Year




about 400

Health Insurance


Other Living Expenses

Dependent on the student 1000-3000   per month


Once off Registration fee: 400 RMB

Accommodation600 RMB as a deposit


Long-period stay
  (RMB per person per semester)

Winter holiday
  (RMB per person per holiday)

Summer holiday
  (RMB per person per holiday)

Short-period stay
  (RMB per person per day)

Double room





Single room








Foreign Currency Account Details: (USD only)

Account Name山东大学” Shandong University 

Account No.244206255768

Bank Name:中国银行济南历城支行 Bank of China, Licheng Branch


Bank Address:中国济南花园路84 84 Huayuan Road, Licheng Dist.

Bank Number104451040267

Post code250100


Application Procedure

All the prospective international students must apply online on the Online Application System for international students: http://www.apply.sdu.edu.cn


STEP 1: Register your account and activate it.

STEP 2: Fill out the application and upload all required documents as follows

-Photo Page of Passport

-Proof of High School Graduation/Pre-Graduation Letter

-Official High School Transcript

-English language proficiency certificate (non-English speaking countries) including IELTS, TOEFL or other comparable certification of English proficiency.

-Personal Statementin English

-Proof that the student can afford the total costs (tuition, accommodation, living expenses), e.g bank statement.

-Foreigner Physical Examination Form (valid for 6 months)

-Proof of Employment (if applicable)

    -Certificate of Non-criminal Record


STEP 3: Submit the application and note your application number.

STEP 4: Check your admission status regularly.

STEP 5: You will receive your pre-admission notice through e-mail after successful verification

STEP 6: Check your pre-admission notice and pay admission fees before the due date.

PS: This fee is non-refundable but can be deducted when you pay the tuition fees upon your arrival.

STEP 7: Receive originals of “Admission notice” and “JW202/JW201” by post.

STEP 8: Apply for VISA and send us your arrival information.


Contact Information

International Admission   Office

International Student Office

Department of International   Affairs 

School of Basic Medical   Sciences

Email:   admission@sdu.edu.cn  

Email:   mbbsadmission@sdu.edu.cn

Tel: +86-(0)531   88364854 

Tel: +86-(0)531 88382725

Website:   www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn