Cultural Activities

1.Teaching practice: Every spring semester (April to May), the school will organize students to practice teaching outside the province and there are different lines for students to freely choose. Through investigation and learning, students can have a deeper understanding of China's history and culture and the development of modern society.
        2.International Cultural Festival: Every autumn semester (late October), the school will host the International Cultural Festival. During the Cultural Festival, various cultural and sports activities will be organized, such as exotic ethnic customs exhibition, theatrical performances, barbecue parties, etc.

3. Basketball, badminton, volleyball and football matches: Each year in May, our school will sponsor these matches and associations will organize international students to take part in these matches. These matches can not only rich the spare time of international students but also help them keep fit.

4.Photography competitions of International students: the competition entitled “Beautiful China, Beautiful Shandong and Beautiful SDU” will be held in March to April of each year, which express SDU of China in the eyes of international students.

5.Unscheduled student activities: various competitions, activities and theatrical performances organized by our university and colleges and various clubs and international student cultural and sports activities organized by the whole nation, Shandong Province or Jinan City, etc. make students more comprehensively understand China.

6. Extracurricular activities: the school also organizes various cultural and sports activities, visits and excursions for international students in their spare time.

In addition, students can use the school's stadium and gymnasium and sometimes they have to pay a fee. Students can not affect other people's learning and rest and they also should pay attention to care for cultural and sports equipment and facilities when they hold the cultural and sports activities.

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