Psychological Counseling

1.To improve your mental wellbeing
2.To reduce stress
3.To make changes in sleeps or eating patterns
4.To have public speaking confidence

Confidential Individual Counseling:
3.Family pressure & expectations
4.Cultural adjustment
5.Disordered sleep or eating

Contact with Counselor 

To make an appointment

1. Why should I discuss my issues with a stranger?
 As trained mental health professionals, counselors foster the health and wellness necessary for success in a complex global environment. A counselor will not judge, but listens well to your concerns to help you achieve life balance.

2. Is Wellness & Mindfulness Counseling Really Confidential?
 Information about you will not be disclosed to your parents, guardians, academic department or government agency.
  The counseling is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone who is not directly involved in your care without your written permission.

1.To gain self awareness of their interests, personality, life goals and values.
2.To understand their educational and career options.
3.How to research and match oneself with potential career or possible transfer options.
4.To make decisions, set goals and plan for the future.
5.How to develop social skills.

 Life Span of 120 Years

 Career Planning Session in Nov.
1.Self awareness
2.Opportunity awareness.
4.Planning and implementing the plans
5.Short & medium & long term goals