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Shandong University’s International Students visit to the Fifth China Tea Expo

On October 28th, Over 30 SDU international students from more than 10 countries including Ghana, Mongolia, Korea, Italy, Russia, got the opportunity to attend the Fifth China Tea Expo and enjoyed the rich history of the Chinese tea culture.

Students listened carefully to the history of the Chinese tea culture and the value and importance of the function of tea and the different kinds of tea. Students not only learned about how to make and taste a cup of white tea, green tea, black tea and dark green tea, but all the students were also invited by the tea specialist to have a taste while listening to the introduction of the characters and effect of the different kinds of tea.

The Tea Expo also had a zone that exhibited tea clothing and tea set, which attracted all the students. Tea culture is always associated with qin (Chinese traditional musical instrument), Chinese chess, calligraphy, painting, poem and wine.

There were also other activities such as the gathering of calligraphers and the exhibition of some masterpieces of some famous painters and calligraphers. The students were very impressed by the superb skill of the various masters and their works.