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Taiji is included in the Academic Curriculum as a Credit Course for SDU International Students

From November 11st to 12nd, a Taiji Chinese cultural experience seminar for SDU International students was held in SDU central campus. More than 20 International students from the following 16 countries, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Peru, Jamaica, Nepal, Albania, Indonesia, Serb, Chad, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Laos, Mexico and Pakistan participated in this activity.  

This activity was facilitated by Master Chen Xu from the International Taiji School in Daqingshan, Rizhao, which is also one of SDU International students cultural experience centre. The Instructor, Master Chen demonstrated the basic elements of the methods of Chen Style Taiji, as well as explaining the deep cultural and fundamental characteristics of the foundation of Taiji. The International students showed profound interest and enthusiasm towards learning and practicing the Taiji methods and culture, and actively participated in the seminar. Throughout the two-day intensive 10 class hours training, students learned the basic methods and Taiji strength, and mastered the practical techniques of Chen Style Taiji thirteen moves. The course finally ended with an excellent Taiji show from the international students.

From the beginning of the 2017 autumn semester, Taiji has been included in the academic curriculum as a credit course for international students. As an important part of the special cultivation and improvement program, the “Appreciate the most authentic Chinese culture and enjoy the truest Chinese opportunities” this activity had many experiential activities, in which, international students experienced the charisma of Taiji and the excellent Chinese traditional culture and improve both physical and comprehensive qualities.