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Notice about applying Insurance claims before holiday

To international students:

In order to try to guarantee that you can receive the reimbursement before winter holiday. We suggest that at least 30 days in advance submit all your documents for reimbursement to insurance company.

1.Please follow the form to prepare your claim materials:



Attention: Besides the materials as above we told, please check the name of receipt in keeping with passport. If not please find your teacher to write this certificate. If you use Chinese name you also need this certificate. When you make sure that invoice name is your complete and correct name filed, then you can send your materials to our company.

     2.The delivery address:


收件人: 来华项目理赔部

电话: 4008105119转1键

It is too late to post the claim data. We can not be able to guarantee your insurance reimbursement in time. We are in the construction to inconvenience you, and your understanding. thank you for your support!


                                                                                       Studyabroad program insurance team