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4th “Virtue of Shandong” Painting & Calligraphy Exhibition

The 4th “Virtue of Shandong” Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, a provincial-level exhibition, will be held on 9 Jan., 2018. More than 232 excellent award-winning works will be displayed on the spot to eulogize Shandong’s traditional virtues. Welcome SDU Int'l Students to visit and enjoy the exhibition!

Time&Date: 10:00, 9 January, 2018 (Tuesday)

Address: No.5 gallery, 1stfloor & No. 21 gallery, 3rd floor, Shandong Museum

Special Notice: Please bring the passport with you. You may also attend other exhibitions in the museum tomorrow morning.

Participants: No limitation

Application: Please send your Student ID, Name, Nationality, Telephone No. to  We will determine the size of the bus to take us there and back according to the No. of applicants.

Gathering Time&place: All the applicants please gather at 9:00 tomorrow morning in front of the dormitory building on central campus. We will go to the museum together by bus.

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