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Notice for Preparation to Hold the 17th International Cultural Festival of Shandong University

Dear All International Students:

  In order to enrich students' life, promote extracurricular cultural life activities and cultural exchange, SDU plans to host “the The 17th International Cultural Festival of Shandong University”  on April 26th -27th , 2018 (tentative date). We therefore would like all international students to start preparing for this activity in advance.

The details are as follows:

Event: the 17th  International Cultural Festival of Shandong University

Time: April 26th -27th (tentative dates)  (Details will be posted continuously.)

Place: Central Campus of Shandong University

Organizer: The International Student Office, Department of International Affairs, Shandong University

Contents: Hosting of the International Culture Exhibition, International Cultural Forum and International Cultural Festival Evening Party and other activities.(Details are attached)

Participants: All international students of Shandong University, invited guests (leaders, other teachers and students representing other universities and organizations on behalf of China), representatives (teachers and Chinese students of SDU).


April 26th Afternoon: the International Cultural Forum

April 27th  Daytime: the International Culture Exhibition

 Evening: the International Cultural Festival Evening Party

  In order to host the best Cultural Festival, we sincerely ask students to make use of the winter vacation to prepare performances, props, costumes, materials, etc., according to the content of the activities in advance. The application for performance in the art evening party and culture exhibition booth will depend mainly on the recommendation by the Shandong University International Student’s Association. Self recommendations are allowed as a supplement.

  A Shandong University International Student Cultural Forum will also be held based on submission of papers by “The Belt and Road” Initiative Study Groups.

After winter vacation, the international student office will organize a unified selection of the most excellent paper by the expert advisors. All International Students are encouraged to sign up actively to participate in the different activities.

International Student Office

SDU Committee of the Communist Youth League

January 29, 2018

Attachment: event description

The International Cultural Festival Evening Party

  The program will be held in the indoor auditorium which will be mainly comprised of songs and dances, instrumental music, martial arts and languages. Lively forms, active and healthy contents are required. The most excellent program will be rewarded.

The International Culture Exhibition

  This will mainly consists of exhibitions of goods and decorations representing international students’ countries traditional culture and customs. It is expected to be exhibited in the small forest of central campus with display cabinets set up. Partial funding will be provided to participants to assist with exhibition preparations. The most excellent cultural exhibition will be rewarded.

The International Students' Cultural Forum.

  Home is a social unit, and a cultural characteristic of a country and its society. This is most reflected in ones country of origin as an aspect of culture. The "One Belt and Road"  countries has distinct cultural characteristics of home and family culture.From this perspective, participants are being encouraged to discuss the home (country of origin) culture of their country or region, and write a thesis based on home and family culture surrounding the “ One Belt and One Road”. The participants  will be required to submit a abstract and thereafter a manuscript of 10-15 minutes to be presented at the Cultural Forum. The most excellent manuscript(s) submitted and presented at the Cultural Forum will be rewarded.