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Notice for “Discovering Shandong and Experiencing the Spring Festival” Interview on SDU Int’l Students

Program Broadcasting Station: Life Program of Life Channel, Shandong TV

Time: From February 1st to 3rd (specific time is undetermined)

Place:   1. Scenic spots in downtown area (initially Furong Street)

        2. Spring festival fair in Jinan suburbs

        3. SDU campus

Introduction: With the approach of 2018 Spring Festival, Life program of Life Channel Shandong TV planned to report the “Discovering Shandong and Experiencing the Spring Festival” Interview on SDU Int’l Students. From the perspective of international students, the interview will show their life in Shandong, the results of social development and changes, and the traditional Shandong culture of Spring Festival.

Content: 1. On Furong Street, the interview includes the experience of tasting Chinese traditional food, the convenience of mobile payment and shows the life change from economic development.

2. In the spring fair in suburbs, we will search for the traditional spring festival feeling and experience the spring festival with Shandong characteristics.

3. On SDU campus, we will record videos about the blessing words for TV audiences with various contents and characteristics.

Seats for Participants: 1 or 2students for each theme, a total of 2-4 students. The blessing video records need 5-10 students.

Requirements: Students who have a relatively high level of Chinese Language and a good performative ability.

Application: Please send your Student ID and Telephone No. to today.Thank you for your participation.