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Notice for the Qing Ming Festival 2018

Dear International Students,
According to the arrangement of our University, we will have three days holiday for the Qing Ming Festival, kindly pay close attention to the following:
The Period of the Qing Ming Festival Holiday: April 5, 2018 - April 7, 2018
Please keep in mind that “Safety comes first“:
 1.While traveling, please be safe and try not to travel alone.
 2.Do obey the rules and laws.
 3.In order to prevent accidents, please be conscious of your surroundings, practice caution and protect your personal belongings. 
 4.If you plan to leave JINAN for travel, please register at the following location before you leave:
 (1)Central Campus: Reception desk, International Student’s Apartment No. 2 Building.
 (2)Baotuquan Campus: Management Office No. 400
Be safe and enjoy your holiday!