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Notice for “Touch Shandong” Culture Experience (Miaohui, or Temple Fair)

Date: 19 April13:30

AddressQianfoshan National Park

About the temple fairMiaohui, literally temple gatherings or temple fairs, are Chinese religious gathering s held by folk temples for the worship of the Chinese gods and immortals. Biannual Qianfoshan temple fair is often held on March 3 and the Double Ninth Day each year in Jinan Qianfoshan National Park. Activities during the fair usually include rituals celebrated in the temple, various folk-custom performances, Shandong clapper ballad, different kinds of opera performances and matchmaking event.

Participants: 6 int’l students

The Activity:

1. You will learn more about the temple fair, and get a great experience on various folk activities.

2. We will pick you up at 13:25 outside the South Gate of Central Campus and send you back after the activity.

Join us now to get a better understanding of this traditional Chinese folk event and relax yourself during the fair.


Application: Please send your name, Student ID, Nationality and Telephone No. to today. On principle, the students who haven't attended "Touch Shandong" Experiences and those who first apply will be given preference to attend.


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