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Notice for applying for Chinese and Foreign Youth Forum

Dear Internationalstudents,

In order to enableInternational students to understand Chinese enterprises, improve their abilityto obtain employment and enhance their exchanges with Chinese students. The SDUInternational Students and Scholar Center, jointly organized with the China Railway14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., to host the following Youth forum:

Theme:“The brilliant dreams of Chinese and Foreign Youth”

Sponsor:The International Engineering Branch of China Railway 14th BureauGroup Co., Ltd. 

Date: May 23rdWednesday),15:00pm-20:00pm

Venue:Conference Room of China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

Seats:(15) Fifteen students

Participate: SDU Internationalstudents, Chinese students, staff from the International Engineering Branch ofChina Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

Form of the Activity: Forum,Communication, and Dinner.


1. Prioritywill be given to Students from the following countries: Afghanistan, Nepal,Benin, Togo, Ecuador, Fiji, Poland, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, EquatorialGuinea, Dominica and Cape Verde.

2. Preparationof the Presentation Materials

Content should focus on:the feeling of studying in China (including the feeling of living in China,China's development, China's infrastructure construction, the feelings of the“Belt and Road”, his country and the "the Belt and Road" Initiative).


Please scan the followingQR code and fill in the registration form.