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Notice for “Touch Shandong” Experience Activity(facial design, or lianpu)

Date: 18 May13:30

AddressShehuo Facial Design 

About the Facial design: Facial design, or lianpu, is the art of facial makeup used by performers of traditional Chinese folk activities. Besides the facial design for Peking Opera, another facial makeup has developed which is used for shehuo, named after the worship ceremony of Spring Festival, in Jinan, east China’s Shandong Province. The Hou Style of Shehuo Facial Design, a Jinan municipal-level intangible cultural heritage, is regarded as a treasure by Jinan people.

People: 5 to 6

The Activity:

1. We will pick you up at 13:25 outside the South Gate of Central Campus and send you back after the activity.

2. You will learn more about the history and development of facial design, and get a great experience on making lianpu.

Join us now to get a better understanding of this traditional Chinese folk culture!

ApplicationPlease send your name, Student ID, Nationality and Telephone No. to today before 2pm. On principle, the students who have never attended "Touch Shandong" Experiences and those who first apply will be given preference to attend.

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