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Notice for International Postgraduates & Ph.D. to Submit the Graduation Dissertation Application Online for September,2018

Dear International Students:

    In order to go through the graduation formalities successfully, the international postgraduate students who are supposed to have graduation dissertation in September, 2018 shall submit the graduation dissertation application online within the required time.

Please see the following information:

        I. Submission Time: 28th June, 2018- 6th July, 2018

    II. Submission Method: Log in the Information Management System for Shandong University Graduate Student-- Enter the “Personal Information Management” column to supplement and check the personal information: including school status information (basic information, training information and information before enrollment) etc.—Enter the “Graduation and Academic Degree Management” column to fill in the academic degree information and click “submit the graduation application”.

    III. After the application, please see whether the application is successful through “Check Graduation and Academic Degree Status” where you can also look over the following examination and approval status.



   1. Please see the “Student Instruction Manual” in the system for operation procedures. If there is no appropriate option, please check “others”.

     2. The doctoral student shall fill in the paper publishing achievements carefully in “Personal Information Management—Student Performance Information— Paper Publishing” column. Then, the secretary of the school shall examine the paper publishing condition of the student online. After approval, students can submit the graduation application.

    3. The international students who have submitted the graduation thesis dissertation application before but failed to pass the dissertation shall also submit the application again through the management system.

    4. English taught program Postgraduate students,please go to your department office first and complete the online graduation dissertation application with the help of the teachers there.

International Students & Scholars Center

June 27th, 2018