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Dear International Students,

Graduation season is the gaining season as well as the season of departing and sadness. Youth never ends, and dreams have set sail. During this season, International Students & Scholars Center of Shandong University reminds everyone to take care of your safety. Here are some tips to students. 
Tip one: When travelling for tourism purpose or return home, please pay attention to your safety by travel with the family or friends. Do not travel to places that happen to have kinds of disasters.
Tip two:Graduation parties should be performed in a moderate way. Avoid excessive drinking or making noise. This might influence other people's rest and study. For students who go out to work or attending their internship, they should obey the school’s dormitory rules by early return to the dormitory.
Tip three: When you pack your luggage or feeling very excited, please do not throw away things like wine bottles downstairs in the dormitory. This is to prevent accidental injuries which can cause inconvenience to the cleaning staffs. Please be civilized by expressing love to others.
Tip four: Following the old rules, during the graduation season everyone needs to maintain the safe utilization of electricity. When go out make sure you turn off the electrical appliances, do not leave candles, mosquito repellent as well as burn paper or letters and various items which can cause fire in the dormitory.
Tip five: Outsiders are not allowed to reside in the dormitory. If the graduate’s relatives need to stay in the dorm, please inform the office in advance because the relatives are not allowed live in the dormitory without permission.
Tip six: When you go out or rest, please make sure your room’s door and windows are closed, cut off electric power and water, keep your valuables such as mobile phones, wallets, notebooks and so on. The keys that will be placed outside the door can also be collected. During this season, the dormitory staffs are frequently got in and out, so do not cause unnecessary harm and loss.
Tip seven: Graduation season is time for the students who are going to graduate and those who have not yet graduated to show the care and cherish the opportunity of learning from each other.
After graduation, we hope that the students will strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the school while leaving school, enhance their awareness of prevention and pay attention to their safety. At the same time, we must correctly face and rationally regulate our emotions, maintain a good mental state, actively exercise our bodies, and form a good life style. For the classmates we hope they will read more books, doing more exercises and less watch computer.
Finally, we wish the 2018 graduating students: good health, smooth work, learning progress and bright future.

International Students & Scholars Center, SDU