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Security warning——bicycles and electric bicycles riding

Dear International students,

  Of late, we have noticed an increased use of non-motor vehicles (bicycles, electric bicycles, etc.) among students and many accidents are caused by their improper use or negligence. Students must therefore pay attention to prevent similar accidents from occurring. 

  In April, 2018, aninternational students of our universityfrom Western Asia (class of 2017)was riding an electric bicycle on a motorway and knocked a woman across the road, causing the fracture of thiswoman. The student paid about 200000 RMB for the medical expenses for the woman. At the beginning of May,2018, anAfrican studentstudying at our university(class of 2017) wasriding an electric bicycleand was knocked down by a three-wheeled electric bicycle. He was hospitalized for two weeks with serious injury and the medical cost was about 60000 RMB. In June, 2018, anAfrican student of our university(class of 2016)accidentally hit the roadside stonewhen riding a shared bike. It caused a seriousinjury, with a medical fee of nearly 10000 RMB.

  To avoid similar accidents, we remind you that when using non-motorvehicles, you must pay attention to the following tips:

1- the user of a non-motor vehicle must comply with the traffic rules, travel along the right side, walk in the non-motorlane. Drivingreversely and walkingin motor laneare strictly prohibited.

2- when riding an electric bicycle, the speed should not exceed 20km per hour and over speeding is strictly prohibited.

3- riding on electric bicycles and ordinary bicycles requires driving skills. Do not use them if you are not familiar with them.

4- when using shared bicycles, be sure to check whether the bicycle is intact and whether the brakes are sensitive. Do not use defective bicycles.

5- chagriningelectric bicycles in apartment buildingsis strictly prohibited.

This is to prevent accidents such as fire and other accidents.


International Students & Scholars Center, SDU