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Notice for the Summer vacation 2018


Dear international students,

Summer vacation is coming! In order to help students enjoy a pleasant holiday, kindly pay close attention to the following:

  1 The Labor Day:July 16, 2018(Monday) - September 8, 2018(Saturday)

 Registration day: September 9, First day of class: September 10

  2 During the holiday, public places such as the malls, restaurants, etc. will be crowded. While traveling, please be safe and try not to travel alone. Public places, tourist attractions and shopping centers where there are lots of people, pay attention to your property and personal safety, and keep your wallet, mobile phone, laptops and other valuables with you. 

  3 Obey the traffic rules and pay close attention to safety. Do not ride/drive motor vehicles after drinking alcohol.

  4 If you leave China, please register in the local police station within 24 hours upon re-entry in China.

  5 Students who stay at school should keep the normal order of the dormitory and daily schedule. Electrical appliances that violate the regulations, excessive drinking and creating troubles as well as accommodating others in the dormitory are forbidden. In order to prevent personal belongings from being stolen, avoid fire and water leakage, make sure that the doors and windows are closed, and the power and water are turned off when leaving the dormitory.

  6 Please keep in mind that “Safety comes first, do obey the rules and laws”. In order to prevent accidents, please be conscious of your surroundings, practice caution and protect your personal belongings, do not trust any messages that you may receive via the internet or on your mobile phone.

  7 Students, whose residence permit will be expired during the holiday(July 16, 2018 - September 8, 2018), should apply for visa extension in 2241, No. 2 building before July 23rd , 2018.

8 If you plan to leave JINAN, please register at the following location before you leave:

    (1) Central Campus: Reception desk, International Student’s Apartment No. 2 Building

    (2) Baotuquan Campus: Management Office No. 400

Emergency Contact:

Central Campus: 182 5310 8925

Baotuquan Campus: 182 6541 5127

       Enjoy your holiday!

International Students & Scholars Center  

      July 12, 2018