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Notice of Registration for International Students' Associations

Dear all:

    To enrich the school life of international students and promote cultural integration as well as inclusion, we will facilitate the establishment of new international students associations in accordance to relevant terms and conditions of organization establishment and management in Shandong University. For further details please refer to the followings:

1.For existing international students’associations:

Existing establishments must register at the International Students & Scholars Center.

2.New-establishments and amendment of existing establishments:

In order to apply for new establishment or amendment of tentative students associations, a joint application of 10 or more students of the same country/region has to be made to the International Students & Scholars Center. At the meantime, a association representative shall be elected at the time of application submission. The Center will thereafter process the application. Upon approval of the International Students & Scholars Center, such association could be established.

3. Deadline for registration and application submission: October 15, 2018

Representative of existing students associations shall register at the International Students & Scholars Center before the deadline. Application(see attachment below) for tentative new-establishments/amendments shall also be submitted before the deadline.


Room 2125, Dormitory Building No.2, Central Campus

(You can get the application form in this office)

Telephone number:88365855

International Students & Scholars Center

             September 25, 2018