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Important Notice: Information Completion & Confirmation for All International Students

Dear international students,

    A new International Students Management and Service System of SDU is in use now. Therefore, all international students are required to complete and confirm their informationonline and on site. Detailed arrangements are as follows:

1. Completion & confirmation period: November 5 - 30, 2018

2. Procedures:

(1) Login the new system at:

User Name: email/passport number

Default Password: 123456 (You may change the password after login. Please save or jot down your password for future use)  

P.S: you may change a display language (English/Chinese) by clicking an icon at the top right on the website.

(2) Click “Edit Profile” after Login

   Step 1: make sure there’s a profile photo on your page. If not, upload one by yourself.

Photo requirement: you must be facing the camera in the photo for the whole face to be seen.

Step 2: update and confirm the rest of personal information.


(3) On-site confirmation: after information completion, please take your passport and go to either place to confirm your information with our staff.

Jinan Campuses:

Central Campus: Office 2125, International Student Apartment No.2

Baotuquan Campus: Management Office, International Student Apartment No. 400

Qingdao Campus: Office 302, Huagangyuan West Building

All the international students are required to complete and confirm their information online and on site on time. Otherwise, incomplete or incorrect personal information will probably affect course selection and graduation.

Thank you for your cooperation.


    International Students & Scholars Center

                                      November 5, 2018