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Recruitment for SDU International Students Choir Members

To enrich international students’ school life, develop their strengths and performances and to enhance and bridge the cultural communication to bring students from different countries together, we are recruiting new members for SDU International Students Choir.

I. Recruitment

1. Conductor: 1 - 2 persons

3. Accompaniment: no limit in number (piano, accordion, violin, cello, etc.)

4. Singer: 10 - 30 persons

II. Application

1. International students can register voluntarily. Please scan the QR Code below to enter the we-chat group for registration before January 9. 


2. If you register after January 9, please send your Student ID, name, nationality and telephone No. to

III. Arrangement

Activity plans should be made by students themselves and there should be at least one rehearsal every month. The International Students & Scholars Center will offer guidance and supervision and provide a certain amount of funding when the choir takes part in university activities.


InternationalStudents & Scholars Center

January 2, 2019