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Shandong University and Huiquan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. sign agreement to build a practical teaching base for international students.

On the morning of January 3, the signing ceremony for the establishment of the International Student Practical Teaching Base jointly organized by Shandong University and Zhangqiu Huiquan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was held in Huiquan Agricultural Ecological Park. Liu Mingli, dean of the international student and scholars center of Shandong University, and Yu Shicheng, director of operations of Huiquan Agricultural Park, attended the unveiling ceremony for the teaching base.

Before the ceremony, teachers and students under the guidance of the instructors visited the site’s landscape and greenhouses, cultivation, fruit and vegetable picking, animal breeding, etc., deeply understanding the advanced production technology and sophisticated control system of modern agricultural development, while listening to relevant information. While enjoying the experience of fruit picking, they deepened their understanding on modern agricultural leisure tourism.

As a field practice segment of the English taught “China Studies” master’s degree program of Shandong University, the establishment of the teaching base will play an active role in the international students' understanding of China's agricultural and rural economy, modern agricultural development and Chinese society. After the agreement signature, both the school and Huiquan Agricural Development Co., Ltd. will hold more teaching and learning activities based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, aimed at the enrichment of international students' practical teaching activities and the improvement of the quality of training.