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Peking Opera Experience Activity Ⅰ One day in the Jinan Peking Opera Theater

In the afternoon of December 27, 2018, international students visited the Jinan Peking Opera Theater. It was one in a series of activities entitled "Living in Jinan Enjoying the Essence of Chinese Culture ” organized by Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Jinan Municipal Government , Jinan Peking Opera Theater and Shandong University to give international students hands-on experiences of the city's charming and unique culture.

During the visit, the Peking Opera actor of Jinan Peking Opera Theater gave a lecture on Peking Opera to the students and intoduced them the costumes, props, and orchester.  

They watched classic programs The Drunken Beauty, The Raid of the Dragon Palace, Sanchakou Pass, Bead Curtain Walled and Xiaoshanghe(Small Shang River).

Having watched all the programs, the best part to be started, the international students had the opportunity to try all the costumes and could even paint their faces. They also learned the movements and performed with the actors. It has been an interesting and fun event.

All the students then were reluctant to part until the activity came to the end. They all expected for watching more Peking opera perfomaces.