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Notice for the Recruitment of SDU International Students the “Belt and Road” Study Groups

Since the revival of the “Belt and Road” Initiative it has become one of the hottest topic trending about China globally. Relating to this, the university seeing the importance and relevance of this initiative for the future and likewise the opportunities that exist for international students under this initiative; undertook the act of establishing the SDU International students the “Belt and Road” Study Groups in order for international students to better understand this initiative by conducting researches; which would open the door for students to seize the opportunities that exist in China and other countries according to the development of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. Hence, the aim is to ensure that international students will be fully prepared for future work, and as well develop skills and attributes and similarly enhance their research abilities.
The International Students and Scholars Center and the SDU International Students B&R Academic and Organizing committee welcomes all SDU International Students to form and join “Belt and Road” Study Groups. Based on this, the following information relating to the SDU International students the “Belt and Road” Study Group are as follows:
I. Academic and Organizing Committee
Under the administrative guidance of the International Students and Scholars Center, the International Students the “Belt and Road” Study Group, currently consists of academic and organizing committee comprising postgraduate and PhD. Students. The academic committee receives academic guidance from the professors and experts in the related field hired by the university and the organizing committee provides guidance and assistance to the activities organized.

   II. Main Aim of the SDU International Students the “Belt and Road” Study Group
The main activities of the “Belt and Road” Study Group will consist of research projects relating to the “Belt and Road”, and activities undertaken by the university based on the theme the “Belt and Road” which involves academic symposiums, achievements presentation, seminars, research, etc. Aimed at getting much more international students involved in order for them to experience and benefit from the “Belt and Road” research achievements and in addition the opportunities that exist for international students to improve their research abilities.


Ⅲ. Requirement for the Recruitment of New SDU International Students “Belt and Road” Study Group members
1. Recruitment of new Study Group team members should be set up on the basis of everyone’s interests and talents in which there should be no less than 3 members in one group.
2. A team leader should be elected in order to ensure order and for ease of reference.
3. Study Group members are limited to join or form no more than 2 study group teams.
4. Each study group team should draw up its own related items and research direction of the “Belt and Road”.
5. The Study Group is an open academic organization for all International students.
6. All are welcome to join the Study Group and or attend the activities being hosted. 
7. Rewards: SDU International Students Belt and Road Study Groups who participate in the open style group discussion session each month will be awarded a token to be divided equally amongst its Study Group members.
8. Accomplishments:
The SDU International Students the “Belt & Road” Study Group have had approximately 88 members, from 36 countries and a total of 25 Study Groups.
- Have held 2 International students the “Belt and Road” cultural forums. With SDU International students and other students from other universities within China participating in the SDU 1st & 2nd International “Belt and Road” cultural forums.
- Each month an Open Style Group Discussion Session is held in which 4-5 members from the International Students Study Groups voluntarily indicate an interest to present topics relating to the “Belt and Road” with something unique added.


Ⅳ. Existing SDU International students the “Belt and Road” Study Groups (Academic year 2016/2017 and 2017/2018)
The International Students and Scholars Center, Department of International Affairs and the Academic Students the “Belt and Road” Study Group welcomes the return and participation of the existing SDU International students the “Belt and Road” study groups and we sincerely extend our appreciation for all your involvement in the past SDU“Belt and Road” activities.

Ⅴ. Application procedure for membership of the Study Groups
To join the SDU International students the “Belt and Road” Study Group, the elected leader of the study team should send the information of the team members and the areas of their study relating to B&R to
 Remarks: Mr. Liu Mingli, Dean
•    The SDU International the “Belt and Road” Study Group is an academic organization established for International Students to undertake research projects under China the “Belt and Road” Initiative. This is an important initiative to China, the world and moreover it is important for SDU international students’ participation in this revelatory milestone.
•    I encourage keen interest and participation in the SDU the “Belt and Road” study group activities. This is just the beginning, because much more activities will be incorporated to provide for international students to conduct research in different areas of the “Belt and Road”, one of such is to encourage research work leading to the publication of articles. This is a momentous initiative and I think having the opportunity to incorporate this, as an activity in the SDU academic program is beyond important.


Proposed Plans for the SDU International Students Belt and Road Study Groups:
Many new activities planned: one of which is the formation of 3~4 study groups to conduct researches on specific topics of the “Belt and Road” by focusing on 3~4 countries, under the guidance ship of the professors (SDU Expert Advisors) and the academic committee with the main aim to provide some level of assistance for publication of articles.
- Plans are under development for the 3rd International Students “Belt and Road” forum to be held.
- The “Belt and Road“ monthly Open style Group Discussion Session will continue to be facilitated to give students the opportunity to enhance their research skills, improve self confidence, develop other skills and be better acquainted with basic academic concepts.
International Students and Scholars Center