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Notice for Recruitment of Ph.D. Applicant(s) for the School of College English, Dezhou University

 The School of College English, University of Dezhou is inviting eligible Ph.D. applicants who are willing to teach College English to apply for teaching post(s) at Dezhou University (School of College English) for 2019. Ph.D. applicants majoring English Language and Literature and/or Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics as well as Ph.D. applicants with similar field of study who has native-like English proficiency are all welcomed to apply.
Remuneration: Monthly basic salary will be ¥7, 200 RMB plus additional allowances which is paid accordingly. These include: 1) Settlement allowance of altogether 250,000 RMB over a period of 5 years i.e. 50,000 RMB per year 2) Research-initiation fund of 30,000 RMB 3) Living Conditions and benefits: Housing: free (provisionary) apartment for 3 years with basic furniture: -(deposit fee of 500Rmb is to be settled and refundable). Applicants are responsible for the heating, water, electricity and Internet fees. An addition of 500 RMB per month will be provided as an allowance for the upcoming three years in case the free housing offer is not needed.
Working Conditions: Applicantis required to work no more than 16-20 teaching periods per week (each period lasts 45 minutes)
Contact person: Ms. Ge  
Meeting for Recruitment: January 14, 2019 (Monday) 14:30,C310 Mingde Building, Central Campus.