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Notice for 2019 Winter Vacation

Dear International students,

The 2019 winter vacation is approaching. Here are important reminders for you:
1.Vacation length: January 21, 2019 – February 23, 2019.
2.Spring semester registration: February 24, 2019 (Note: the registration of MBBS English-medium program will be Feb 23-24).
All returning students will have to register at their own school/college.International students who cannot register on time should comply with the school’s regulations and request for a leave of absence to their own school/college in advance and get the permission; otherwise they will possibly be regarded as quitting from the University.
3.During the vacation, public places such as shopping malls, restaurants, etc. will becrowded. To be safe, you’d better not to travel alone. While traveling, please keep valuables (e.g. passport, cell phone) with you all the time.
4.Obey traffic rules. Please remember that riding a motorcycle on campus is prohibited. Excessive drinking and drunken brawls arealso forbidden. DONOT ride a motorcycle/drive a car after drinking alcohol.
5.Electrical appliances that violate the regulations and using open fire are NOT allowed in the dormitory. To avoid fire and water leakage, make sure the power and water are turned off when leaving the dormitory.
6.Students who stay on campus should keep the normal order of the dormitory and daily schedule. Making noises and accommodating others in the dormitory are also forbidden. Students who violate these regulations will get disciplinary sanctions. Always remember to lock your room door.
7.DO NOT trust any call from strangers or text message telling you that you' ve won a lottery or asking you to transfer money to a specific account. DO NOTdisclose any of your personal information. Please be aware of any type of fraud.
8.If you leave China, please register in the local police station within 24 hours upon re-entry in China (Note: for students who live in Central Campus, they can be registered at: International Apartment Building #2, Reception Desk).
9.If you plan to leave the city where your campus is situated in, please register at the following locations before you leave:
     ·Central Campus: Reception desk, International Student’s Apartment No. 2 Building
     ·Baotuquan Campus: Management Office No. 400
     ·Qingdao Campus: Fenghuang Building # 6/Building # 9, Reception desk
10. Emergency contact:
Central Campus: 18253108925
Baotuquan Campus: 18265415127
Qingdao Campus: 15666422275

International Students & Scholars Center
January 15, 2019 ‍