Academic Guidances for International Undergraduates at Shandong University

Semester Arrangement

Shandong University adopts the system of two (2) semesters, spring and autumn semester. In general, there are nineteen (19) weeks per semester on average, including sixteen (16) weeks of teaching, the last 1.5 to 2 weeks for examination reviewing and another 1.5 to 2 weeks for holidays and other activities. September of each year is the beginning of the new school year, which is also the beginning of the autumn semester. The spring semester usually begins from February.

The summer vacation begins at the end of June each year lasting for approximately eight (8) weeks. The winter vacation is arranged according to the Chinese Spring Festival, which cannot be fixed because the date of Spring Festival differ from one (1) year to another. The winter vacation usually begins from around ten (10) days before the Spring Festival and ends around ten (10) days after the Spring Festival which lasts for about four (4) weeks. For additional information regarding the detailed arrangement of the semesters, you can kindly visit the school calendar of Shandong University at Website:

School Period:

The basic school period for undergraduates is four (4) years for arts and science and six (6) years for medicine. International students can apply to graduate in advance or extend the regular school period by two (2) years. Students who exceed the  two (2) year extension (which includes the regular school period) by proceeding over the extended two (2) years shall not obtain the graduation certificate and diploma. The students who graduate in advance will be charged the same tuition fees as that of the regular school period. Those who extend the school years will be charged according to the practical situation.

Registration and Course Selection

  1. Registration

    Students who already have student status shall register on time on the specified date. The registration shall be completed in person with the student book which should not be entrusted to others. The tuition fees must be paid in advance before registration. Students cannot register without payment record. The registration process usually shall be finished within the first (1st ) week of the new semester.

    Students who fail to register on time should request approval. Those who did not apply for deferred registration or without approval shall be regarded as truants. The period of absence is limited to a maximum of two (2) weeks. If a student exceeds the permitted time without registration, the enrollment will be revoked according to the regulations of the school.


  2. Undergraduate Course Selection

    Undergraduates must select the courses according to the educational plan of his/her majors. You can select the courses twice each semester. The time for course selection usually is at the sixteenth (16th ) week (formal course selection) before the end of the semester and the second (2nd ) week (phase for supplement or quit the course selection) of the next semester. The courses to be re-selected and re-examined and the make-up examinations for graduation should be selected during the phase for supplement or quit the course selection. After the phase, the course selection system will not open.

    Students can enter the campus portal by visiting website, to find the Shandong University 20XX-20XX School Year X Semester (Autumn or Spring Semester) Course Selection Notice for Undergraduates in the “work notice” to select the courses; or log into to find the notice under “degree of international students” in the “international student entry”. 

    Step 1: open the notice: Shandong University 20XX-20XX School Year X Semester (Autumn or Spring Semester) Course Selection Notice for Undergraduates.

    Step 2: read the notice carefully, the courses must be selected before the deadline of course selection.

    Students are allowed two (2) weeks for pre-selection of courses, make inquiry, quit or re-select the courses during this period. From the third ( 3rd ) week, school will shut down the course selection data base and the courses selected cannot be changed. Students are encouraged to try their best to fulfill their learning plan. As for the course selected, if he/she quits midway and haven’t taken the examination, then the grades for this course will be calculated as zero.

    The online course credits are up to thirty-five (35) credits each semester for  international undergraduates. If two (2) course clashes at the same time, he/she will need to fill in the application form for exemption of class and receive approval from the teacher that teaches that course and the office of his/her department in order to go through the formalities for self-study, then the examination for these courses can be taken.

    Course Arrangement and Credit Requirement for Undergraduates

    The international students should understand and be informed about the requirement of credits, courses and educational plan of their majors as soon as possible. In principle, the international students should take classes together with Chinese students and the requirement for graduation is also the same with that of Chinese students. International students are required to attend sixteen (16) class hours for one (1) credit. The courses can be classified into three (3) categories as follows:

    Required Courses: required courses of the educational plan, includes basic platform courses of the subject (required courses), specialized basic courses (required courses), practice session (graduation practice and graduation thesis) and certificate of HSK to meet the requirement of scores for different subjects, etc.

    Limited Elective Courses: select courses according to the requirements of the educational plan and personal interest, including specialized elective courses and public elective courses.

    Core Courses of General Education: select two (2) credits from five (5) categories of courses set up by the school, respectively, such as Chinese study, art, innovation, humanity (or culture) and society (or engineering). A total of ten (10) credits.

    The types and requirements of the courses differ from one department to another. Students need to consult with the teachers in charge of the educational administration in order to create a reasonable and efficient course selection plan. The credits for each semester cannot be less than fifteen (15) credits.

    Notice: for students who require courses to be delivered in Chinese: The course Introduction to China replaces the course Marxism's Theory and HSK replaces the course First Foreign Language.

    For students who require courses to be delivered in English: Marxism's Theory and First Foreign Language can be replaced by a number of specialized elective courses.


    Examination and Grades

  3. Examination

    International students must participate in the examination and test of the selected courses. Written application for postponing examination should be submitted to the educational affairs office of the department in advance when you will be absent from the examination. Students can take the examination of that course the next time. Students who are absent from the examination without application for leave or approval of leave will receive zero on that course. The examination of the course selected to be postponed must be re-selected online.

  4. Grade Evaluation

    The examination adopts a hundred (100) mark system. Undergraduates can pass the examination with fifty (50) scores and obtain the corresponding credits. Generally, the test courses will be evaluated as qualified, disqualified, pass and failed. The final grades include that of attendance, performance in classes, homework, texts at ordinary times and midterm examinations in which the final examinations only contributes to a portion of the scores.

    Students who do not pass the course needs to re-take the course and the grades for the last examination is the final score.

  5. Examination Discipline

    If students break the examination rules, including cheating in homework, examinations and thesis, the students will receive punishment according to the disciplines and punishment regulations of Shandong University.

    If students cheat in examinations, the grades of the courses are invalid and shall be recorded as zero. The students will be punished beyond recording demerit; if students cheat in examinations twice, the students will be ordered to drop out of school; if students participate in examinations for another person or ask others to take the examination for themselves, the students will be punished as school detention or be ordered to drop out of school according to the seriousness of the case.

  6. How to check the time table and examination room arrangements for undergraduates?

    Log in the comprehensive educational affair administrative system for undergraduates from Shandong University:

    Input student number and the passwords, the initial passwords are bks+ the last 6 number of your passport No. or a1234567.

    Click examination arrangement after entering the interface.

    Click examinee to check the examination arrangement

    Choose the corresponding semester to check the examination arrangement.


    Graduation, Completion of Courses and Degree

    Graduation requirement for undergraduates: according to the educational plan, students who have completed all the courses specified in the requirement, obtained the total regulated number of credits, finished the graduation thesis or project and passed the HSK will be granted a graduation diploma and conferred with the degree of bachelor.

    Undergraduates who fail to obtain the specified number of credits within the regulated school period will be conferred the certificate of completion of courses. Those who have studied for more than one (1) year and leave the university without completion of the required coursework will be given a certificate of testimonial verifying their studies.


    Attendance and Request for Leave


    The university will check the attendance of the lectures, examinations, tests and other teaching activities stipulated in the teaching plan. Students who cannot attend the class should ask for leave in advance. Those who are absent without request for leave or approval shall be regarded as truants which will be dealt with according to the regulations of the university.

    If a student is absent for more than one third (1/3) of the total periods in which that subject is held, the student will not be allowed to join in the examination and the score of that course will be calculated as zero.

2、Leave Request

In order to provide better service to the students and maintain suitable contact between the school and students, according to the regulations of the university, all the students are required to fill in the leave application and go through the formalities to request leave of absence. Students should inform their supervisors that he/she is applying for leave including the reasons and the arrangements during the absence.

  1. Procedures of Leave Application

Download the leave application at the website of Department of International Students Affairs: , and go through the formalities according to the requirements.

The leave application shall be signed with comments from the department and sealed (stamped) by the department.

The international students who need to leave China should keep a record of the leave application and take a copy to the Department of International Students Affairs after receiving approval from the department.

As for the undergraduates, who request leave for one (1) week, the application shall be examined and approved by the department; leave request longer than one (1) week shall be approved by the secretary of the department and recorded by the department and the Department of  International Students Affairs. Students who are absent from lessons without approval will be regarded as truancy.


Time Limit for Leave of Absence and Related Arrangement

I. Undergraduates who cannot continue to study for a long time due to illness (absent for more than one third (1/3) of the total class hours of the semester) should apply for suspension from school to the department and the Department of International Students Affairs. After recovery, the student should resume studies and report to the Department of International Students Affairs with the diagnosis from the hospital. If the duration of suspension from school is over, but the student is not recovered and still cannot continue to study for a long time, the student will need to leave school permanently.

II. If a student is absent for more than one third (1/3) of the total class hours of the semester without an application for leave or suspension from school, the student will be regarded as dropping out of school.


Download link for Transaction of Student Status:

You can download the application form for Transaction of Student status at the website of the Department of International Students Affairs: transaction of the undergraduate student status shall be dealt with according to the requirement of the form, including extension of the school time, suspension from school, resuming studies and dismissal from the university.

When the postponing period is over, the international student should apply two2months in advance to resume studies. The students should go to the Admission Office of the Department of International Students Affairs to ask for an Admission Notice and a JW202 sheet. Then the student can apply to resume studies with the Admission Notice, JW202 sheet, the approval form to resume studies and Visa Xform. The undergraduate should select the courses in advance before enrollment, according to the resumption date and the grades after postponement. Students who fail to select courses online will not receive scores.

Students who do not follow the necessary procedures or complete the required steps for resuming studies will be dismissed from school.

Credentials, Certificates, and the Application of Formalities

Throughout the time, while living in Shandong University, international students will use the following credentials and certificates which are very important to ensure a normal life for students to study and to maintain legitimate rights and interests.

Unilateral amendment and damage of the credentials and certificates are forbidden, otherwise punishment will be given according to the laws and regulations of the Peoples  Republic of China and principles of Shandong University.

1. Student Book and Campus Card

Student Book and Campus Card are important proof of identification for international students, which should be in his/her possession at all times and cannot and should not be lent to others. If you lost your student book and campus card, please report the loss and apply for both proof of identification to be reissued.

The range of the application of the campus card can be used for the following: print report cards, borrow books in the library, dine in the dining hall (school canteen), take the school bus, see the doctor in the school infirmary.

2. How to obtain the student book and campus card:

(1) The student book and campus card of the full-time international students will be provided by the Department of International Students Affairs. The students can check their personal E-mail after one (1) week of enrollment to know the place and time for collecting the student book and campus card.

How to reissue the student book and report the loss of the campus card:

(2) The full-time international students should submit one (1) photo to the Department of International Students Affairs for reissuing of the student book.

Time14:0016:00 each Tuesday

PlaceRoom 302, Block C, Mingde Building

(3) The international students should also carry the student book to the  Campus Card Office for the campus card to be reissued.

Time: 9:00 - 11, 14:00 - 15:00 Monday to Friday

Place: Campus Card Office of each campus.

3. Certificate of Enrollment

Shandong University provides a certificate of enrollment in both Chinese and English version.

The students can log into the administration website of undergraduates and print the certificate of enrollment by using the self service machine located on the 1st Floor Hall, Block B, Mingde Building with his/her campus card and get it sealed (stamped).

4. Transcript Record

  1. Students can self-print the Chinese or English version of the transcript record through the Self-print System of Chinese and English Version Transcript Record by using the self-service printer with his/her campus card.

    Place: 1st Floor Hall, Block B, Mingde Building.

  2. Students can enter the online course selection system to check their grades.

    Formalities for Leaving School

    Before finishing your studies, students should check their E-mail to download the “Procedure Sheet of Leaving School” or log in the to inform yourself of the procedures and how to deal with each affairs one by one.

    Contents on the “Procedure Sheet of Leaving School”

    1. Affirm the payment of tuition fees and accommodation expenses.

    2. Affirm the books borrowed at the library with the “Procedure Sheet for Leaving School”.

    3. Log off the campus card at the Campus Card Office of the campus.

    4. Affirm the application of Visa at the International Students Affairs of the Department of International Affairs.

    5. Collect the graduation certificate and diploma at the International Students Affairs of the Department of International Affairs.

    International students who leave school without going through the formalities of leaving school will not be provided with the certificate of enrollment and academic records.

    Notarization of Graduate Certificate and Diploma

    The notarization of graduate certificate and diploma can be applied for according to personal needs. The notarized graduation certificate and diploma are more reliable. The notarization has the force of law. If the students’ country requires double notarization, the student can go to the embassy in Beijing, China with the notarized documents to receive the other notarization.

    Place: Room 502, Floor 5, Block B, Fazhan Building, No.3218, Erhuan East Road, Jinan, Shandong Province.

    Contact PersonYu Haixia, Notary

    Tel.: 0531-88119389    Mobile: 13969069469

    (Please make an appointment via telephone before visiting the notarization Office)


    Address: Room 302, Block CMingde Building, Department of International Students Affairs,  Department of International Affairs, Shandong University. Tel.: 88365696.