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Lecture on Research Academic Thesis Writing for International Students Held in SDU

On March 15th 2017, the International Student Office of the Department of International Affairs, hosted a lecture on research academic thesis writing for SDU international students which was held in the Lecture Hall of the Run Run Shaw Science Building in the central campus. The lecture held nearly 200 international Masters and Doctoral Degree candidates taught in English.

MUTANGALA MULOYE GUY, from the Republic of Congo, an international postgraduate medical student studying at the School of Medicine was the keynote speaker of the lecture. He introduced the related knowledge about research academic thesis writing in detail from the following aspects: basic requirements of the research academic thesis writing, topic selection and style of the research academic thesis, data collection, outline of the thesis and thesis polishing. The first half of the lecture was theoretical teaching and the second half of the lecture was the interactive practice of research academic thesis writing. With a active and strong academic atmosphere, the international students participated in the discussion actively and learned a lot from the lecture. The students deepened their understanding of the research academic thesis writing requirements and were inspiredby the selection of the research topic.After the lecture, a number of students expressed their opinions, put forward new questions and hadfurther discussions with the keynote speaker.

Aimed at improving the academic accomplishment of the international students, advocating academic research norms and encouraging students to participate in academic researches actively, the lecture will help students to adapt to the contemporary academic environment, acquire more knowledge, embrace more wonderful study period and seek opportunities for future development in learning and thinking.