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Notice for “B&R” Study Groups “Open Style Discussion Session”

Dear: SDU International Student “the Belt and Road” Study Groups:


In order to facilitate and allow for open exchange of ideas, which will also be an excellent way to enhance students motivation and to foster intellectual flexibility: SDU international students “the Belt and Road” Study Groups will be given the opportunity to present their topic of interest every month with effect from April 10, 2017 at a planned “Open Style Group Discussion Session”.    


Title: SDU International Student “the Belt and Road” Study Groups: “Open Style Group Discussion Session”


Date: April 10, 2017 (Monday)    

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm


Venue: Conference Room C310, Mindge Building Block C, Central Campus.


Participants: Approximately four (4) SDU International Student “the Belt and Road” Study Groups.


Time Allotted for presentation: 15-20 mins per group.  10-15 mins for discussions/questions and 10 mins tea break.


Style of Presentation: Power-point/delivering style by reading…… 

Topics: All topics are welcome. Submission of all papers will undergo a review and presentations should be respectful, appropriate and safe for discussion.

Awards: The best paper will receive a special award.


The International Affairs Department and the Academic Belt and Road Study Group Committee is hereby asking four (4) SDU International Students “the Belt and Road” Study Groups who would like to be the first to participate in this “Open Style Group Discussion Session” on this date to indicate their interest by sending: 1. topic of presentation and 2. group information to with immediate effect.