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Requirements for Submissions of Papers for “B&R” Cultural Forum

Standards and Requirements for the Submissions of Papers for the

1st SDU Belt & Road Initiative International Cultural Forum Scheduled for April 27th, 2017

(a) General Information

  1.  SDU have appointed SDU professors as “SDU International Student “the Belt and Road Study Group Expert Advisors” to work closely with and provide strong support to the Belt and Road Academic Study Group committee which will be actively involved in the short-listing and selection process of the submission of manuscripts for participation in the 1st Belt and Road International Cultural Forum.

  2. The manuscript should only be cultural related base on the requirement of the SDU international cultural forum, i.e. Cultural diplomacy and this is also in keeping with the theme “Culture” that SDU is specifically working with for the month of April (SDU cultural talent show and cultural display booth). In this respect the topic should cover some areas  in cultural diplomacy such as:

      · Education: Introduction  of Language programs in universities

      · Cultural centers: cultural exchange:- educational

      · Confucianism

      · Arts (Music, films, dance, painting, etc.)

      · Media & Communication:  broadcasting of news and cultural programs

      · Promotion (advertising)   

      · Literature: libraries, translation, exhibition shows

      · Tourism

      · Exchange of ideas and social policies

(b) Paper Requirement

Article Types and Format

  ·The final submission of the manuscript should have a composition of no more than 4-6 pages, abstract, keywords and introduction included.

  ·The cover sheet (title) of the manuscript should be on a separate page

  ·Body: Author(s) may subdivide the body portion of the manuscript into several sections if it is deemed necessary.

 ·An indication of which author will be the corresponding author and the names of all the group members should be stated, along with email contacts and address of the institution department(s) with which each author is affiliated with.

 ·References and bibliography should be on a separate page. References may include: Research articles that have been published, scholarly books, personal communications with scholars and web sources but it must be scholarly in nature.

 ·If figures or tables are included they should be simple and clearly formatted

 ·There should be a caption and a brief title and description for each illustration (figures or tables), providing enough information for readers to understand each figure without being confused.

 ·All submissions must be saved as a Microsoft word file or PDF format.


This is where an author attempts to pass off someone else’s work, language, thought or ideas as his or her own.  Therefore, it is being highly stressed that where other academic scholars work is used proper reference should be cited to avoid plagiarism.

(c) Presentation Style and Time

  · Presentation style: PowerPoint, Delivering Style by Reading or Poster Presentation: - Each study group will decide on whether they will utilize one main presenter or incorporate all the members of their study group.

  · Each study group or individual presenter will be allocated 15-30mins to present including questions and answers.

  · All SDU the International Students” the Belt and Road Study Groups and guest individual presenters should avoid discussion topics that might be harmful.

  · Therefore, productive topics of discussion are welcome and will be supported but  all SDU Belt and Road International Study Groups are reminded that their topic should be related to the theme “Cultural Diplomacy”, be respectful and safe for discussion.

(d) Important Points to take into Consideration:

  · Presentation allotted time: Presenters should bear in mind the time allotted to each study group or individual to present, to avoid exceeding the allotted time and running into other study groups and individuals presenters time.

  · Discussion time: It is stressed that every presenter should be respectful and mindful of others during the discussion session: Therefore a respectful harmonious atmosphere is encouraged: Discussions should be intellectual and meaningful and it is stressed humbly and respectfully that study group and individual presenters do not stray from the main topic of discussion and cause disruption deemed to be senseless shouting or outburst.

(e)  Awards and Other Matters

  · Special certificates and award of participation will be issued to all participants of the 1st Belt and Road International Cultural Forum

  · Special award will be issued to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd  best manuscript and presenters for participating in the  SDU 1st Belt and Road international Cultural forum

  · Manuscripts submitted should be at a standard and caliber warranted at a level of excellence.

  · Manuscripts submitted will be collated and incorporated in an SDU paper collection.

  · The 1st author should submit a picture and brief introduction of him or herself and a name list of all the other group members.