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SDU Dragon Boat Festival Traditional Culture Experience Activity for International Students

On May 28th, the Dragon Boat Festival, SDU Traditional Culture Experience Activity for International Students was held in Jinan Fangte Eastern Myth Park themed “Chinese intangible cultural heritages”. International students from Pakistan, Russia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Jamaica, Italy and other countries participated in the activities.

The first session of the activity composed of a variety of traditional Dragon Boat Festival competitions, such as the eating of zongzi, dryland dragon boat race and the ruby pitch-pot game. Embraced by the strong cultural atmosphere of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival competitions, the international students cheered along with enthusiasm. After the competitions, the students were given the opportunity to participate in some of the unique cultural activities featured at the theme park. The long standing ancient Chinese culture depicted through film was a huge success among the students, likewise the traditional arts and music by boat. Students were marveled and excited by the elaborate creativity of the live performances, the magical display of Chinas technology and the experience of the unique charm of Chinese folk culture.

This activity is an important part of the training project for international students at SDU. This semester a number of activities have been held, which has provided the most colorful cultural feasts for SDU international students.

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