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SDU Central Plain-Ancient Capital City Culture Experience Activity for International Students

From May 19th to 23rd, SDU organized the international students to Zhengzhou, Luoyang and Xian to enjoy the Central Plain-Ancient Capital City Culture Experience Activity, aimed at providing knowledge and experience about the Chinese traditions and charming culture. Nearly 50 international students from more than 20 different countries participated in this activity.

The first station of this journey was Zhengzhou. Students visited Henan Museum and the Shang City Relics in Zhengzhou. The international students could not help but to marveled at the time-honored Chinese civilization. Later on, students were given the opportunity to observe the wonderful martial arts culture in the Shaolin Temple. The international students appreciated the subtlety of the Chinese martial arts and had a new understanding and appreciation of Chinese kung fu. Next, was a visit to Luoyang, were the students visited the Longmen Grottoes. The magnificent murals and statues provided a rich cultural feast for visitors. Then, the international students viewed the spectacular Daenci Temple, magnificent Wild Goose Pagoda and the wide north square of the goose pagoda which left a deep impression about thecarved beams and painted rafters of the buildings. Finally, the students arrived at Lintong and visited the terra-cotta warrior’s museum which conveyed a great visual impact and a deeper understanding of Chineseclassical culture. After visiting Mount Li and Huaqing Pool they also had the chance to learn about their profound historical origin.

As an important part of the training projects for international students, this activity helped the students to experienceand appreciate the deep rooted Chinese culture and infinite charm of Chinese as well as a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture.