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The 16th SDU International Culture Festival

On April 26th to 27th, the 16th SDU International Culture Festival was held in the central campus of Shandong Universitycomprised of three Cultural activities—— The International Students “The Belt and Road” Cultural Forum, International Cultural Exhibition and the Culture Festival Evening Party all embodying the theme “Culture”. Thousands of people participated in all three activities including international students from more than 130 countries,teachersand students of Shandong University, special invited guests, representatives from peer universities and consular officers from related countries.  

On Wednesday April 26th, the International Students “The Belt and Road” Cultural Forum was held by the SDU International Students “The Belt and Road”Academic and Organizing Committee and co-sponsored by the Department of International Affairs, Shandong University in the Mingde Building of the central campus. Encompassing, the overall theme “Culture”; the forum focused on its specific theme, that of “ Culture the Heart of Connectivity”. In essence, the forumaims to build an academic research platform for all international students to participate, build, and foster mutual understanding and cooperation through the continuous creation of cultural exchange and open dialogue through communication.

The forum hosted by SDU International Student Fatma Abdullatif extended a warm welcome to everyone in attendance and then welcomed special guest speaker Professor Yang Luhui, director of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of Shandong University to give the opening speech. The professor marked by elegance addressedthe forum by informing and reminding students of the significance of the “The Belt and Road” and encouraged students to endeavor to participate in the research of “The Belt and Road”. Dahlia Patricia Sterling, president of the SDU International Student “The Belt and Road”Academic and Organizing Committee, like-wise addressed the forum with a opening speech. In all, International students from various different countries and university participated in the forum session and as representatives of their study group they had the opportunity to make strong technical and theoretical statements based on their topic of presentation. In effect, the study group’s  discussed different aspects of culture from very many different avenues such as medicine, media, language, Confucianism, acculturation, etc, in the end, the importance and success for the future of “the Belt and Road from the perspective of culture between China and the world was discussed thoroughly.

The International Cultural Exhibition was held on April 27th, 2017, international students from more than 100 countries set up 19 exhibition stands to representthe cultural aroma of their countries. Embraced by the delicious food and full of beautifulculturalaccessories, thousands of visitors enjoyed themselves and took part in the activities actively with laughter's and cheers.

On the evening of April 27th, The 16th SDU International Culture Festival Evening Party was held.Co-hosted by the Department of International Affairs, SDU and Shandong University Committee of the Youth League, the evening party was themed Young Dream: Connecting the World with three chapters——Encouraging the Youth, Listening to the World and Embracing the Dream. Presided by five international students from five different countries, the party provided a visual feast in grandeur for more than 1,000 audiences with songs, dances, traditional Chinese operas, martial art, fashion shows, etc.

Essentially, the International Culture Festival of Shandong University has been held successfully for 16 years, becoming an annual event as well as a cultural feast for international students. As a platform, the festival provides opportunities for students to gain a better understanding of each others culture and learn from each other which embody the spirit of Shandong University of inclusiveness, openness and positiveness. Currently, more than 1,800 international students from over 130 countries and regions are studying in Shandong University, bringing unique charm and vitality to the campus.

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