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Notice for Orientation and Course Arrangements for SDU International New Students 2017 Fall Semester

Dear International students:

The orientation and course arrangements for 2017 new International students fall semester are as follows:

I. Orientation: Jinan Campuses

Time: 14:00 -  , September 21, 2017

Venue: SDU Lecture Hall, 3rd floor, Block A, Zhixin Building, Central Campus

Participants: All undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students (except MBBS students), exchange students and visiting students (except Pre-medical and Chinese Language Study Students).

Students in Qingdao and Weihai Campus please wait for further notice.

II. Course Arrangements: Jinan Campuses

A.   Course Arrangements for 2017 Undergraduate students

Time for selecting courses: Approximately at the end of September, 2017. Please pay close attention to further notice about the specific time.


Time for starting classes: October 9th, 2017

English-taught MBBS students, Pre-medical and Chinese Language Study Students please wait for further notice.


B.   Course Arrangement for Master’s and Doctoral students

Time for starting classes: September 18th, 2017


Due to the differences between the specific course arrangements in the different colleges, please obtain the arrangements from the postgraduate office of the school/department where you are studying after your registration.


International Students Affairs  Office

Department of International Affairs

September 9, 2017