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Tips for foreigners living in Jinan

Welcome to Jinan! We hope you will have a happy stay here.

01/ Please note the validity period of the visa in your passport. If you need to continue living in Jinan after the visa's expiration, it's necessary to visit the Dept. of Exit-Entry Administration of Jinan Public Security Bureau to apply for a new visa.

02/ Foreigners aged 16 years and above must always carry their passports. In case of police inspection, you shall cooperate with the police and take the initiative to show your passport. Please take good care of your passport, and it is recommended that you keep copies of relevant documents at home. If your passport is lost, please notify the Exit and Entry Administration Department and contact the embassy of your country immediately.

03/ Foreigners who live in hotels, schools, or other institutions shall register for temporary accommodation. If you are staying in a resident's home, you shall go to the local police station to register for temporary accommodation within 24 hours. Foreigners living in Jinan for a long time shall also register for temporary accommodation if they leave their residence to live in other places temporarily.

04/ Foreigners can rent houses in Jinan. After signing the lease contract with the house owner, you shall go to the local police station to go through the lease filing procedures. You need to bring your passport, valid visa and lease contract.

05/ Foreigners holding unauthorized and inappropriate visas cannot work in China. Regarding employment policy, you can consult Jinan Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (Tel:0531-66605973).

06/ Foreigners must have a Chinese driving license to drive motor vehicles in China, otherwise you will be deemed to have driven without a license and be punished in accordance with the existing laws and regulations in China. Foreigners with an overseas driver's license are not required to undergo training programs in driving skills and can obtain a Chinese driver's license after passing a test. The authority in charge of motor vehicle registration and driving license release is the Vehicles Administration of Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau (Tel:0531-66712345). Drivers shall drive vehicles in accordance with the permitted vehicle type specified in the driving license and always carry their driving license. Motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles shall drive on the right. When driving a motor vehicle or non-motor vehicle, drivers should strictly comply with road traffic signs, markings, traffic police commands and road traffic safety laws and regulations. Drunk-driving is a crime in China and will incur criminal penalties. In the event of a traffic accident on the road, the driver of the vehicle shall stop immediately, protect the scene, rescue the injured and call 122 in a timely manner.

07/ The Chinese government respects the freedom of religious belief. Foreigners can participate in religious activities in monasteries, temples, mosques, churches and other places of religious activity in China. However, foreigners shall not establish any religious organizations, religious offices or open any places of religious activity or religious schools in China, nor shall they develop believers, appoint religious staff or conduct other missionary activities among Chinese citizens.

08/ Foreign students studying in Jinan shall abide by the rules and regulations of their school and attend classes on time. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated. Excessive drinking is forbidden. Students should schedule their spare time wisely. In the evening they should return to their school dorms on time and not make noise to disturb other others. Students living off campus should fully respect local habits and get along with the neighbors. Behaviors such as unexcused absences will affect visa applications.

09/ Foreigners living in Jinan shall comply with fire laws and regulations. They should not block or damage fire-fighting facilities. They should ensure no parking on fire lanes and should protect themselves and the public safety. The fire alarm phone numbers:119.

10/ The social security in Jinan is good and the crime rate is extremely low. Foreigners can live at ease in Jinan. The Jinan Police also reminds foreigners to enhance the awareness of prevention against unlawful infringement. In public places, please take care of your belongings. Please take along your valuables and do not leave them unattended or give them to others for custody credulously. In an emergency involving your own safety, you can call 110 for help or go to the police station where the incident occurred. Do not panic when reporting to the police and try to use clear words to describe your location and situation. If necessary, ask the Chinese on the scene to provide language help.

11/ There are many first-class hospitals in Jinan for medical consulting and care. In case of emergent disease, please call 120.

12/ Foreigners living in Jinan should keep available communication channels and keep in touch with the person in charge of the enterprise or teachers and classmates to let them know your whereabouts in order to avoid potential safety hazards due to poor communication.

13/ Foreigners in China must abide by Chinese laws and must not endanger China's national security or harm the public interest. The Chinese government protects the lawful rights and interests of foreigners in China. The Jinan Police will try to keep you feel convenient during your stay in Jinan. If you need help in Jinan, we are glad to be at your service. We wish you a happy life in Jinan.

The following telephone numbers may be helpful for you in Jinan:

Jinan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau:0531-82966042

Jinan Customs:12360The Jinan Bus Service Hotline:0531-88951190

Highway Traffic Inquiries:96659

Railway Information Center:12306

Jinan International Airport Ticket Center:96888

Department of Exit-Entry Administration of Jinan Public Security Bureau

Address: No.777, Shunhua West Rd., Jinan Innovation District

Tel: 0531-85081068

24-hourhelpline: 12367