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International Students Sports Club Held Friendly Football Matches

In October, the international students sports club held several friendly football matches on the grounds of SDU central campus, against teams from Shandong JiaoTong University, the foreign student team from the University of Jinan and the Investment Football Team in Jinan.

Team of SDU ASUSU FC opponent opened with a long kick aimed towards the goal. In all, Jinan University refused to admit defeat as the inferior team, thus, 30 minutes after the game began, Jinan University managed to level the score. Excitement prevailed during the second half of the match, when both teams respectively each scored a goal one after the other. In the end, both teams ended the game in a draw with the score 2: 2. The match with Shandong JiaoTong University and the Investment Football Team was filled with merriment and excitement. The spectators couldnt help but to cheer for each team’s great performance during the match. The display of comradery and cooperation the players exhibited was professionalism and good sportsmanship.